In All Its Glory

A few people have suggested to me that I may have been exaggerating the extent of WA’s draconian liquor licencing laws. Just for shits and giggles, I have converted the document that describes the “Responsible Promotion of Liquor” in Western Australia. The original Adobe Acrobat file can be found at the web site of the Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor of Western Australia.


In assessing whether a promotion not covered in the attached list is acceptable or not, a licensee should consider the aim of the guideline and ask a simple question ? ?Does my promotion involve cheap or discounted drinks as an enticement to attract people to my premises, or is it likely to encourage the irresponsible consumption of liquor? ? If the answer is YES, it is likely that the promotion is not in accordance with this policy.

That’s really all you need to know, but just in case you doubt they’re serious, here are some specific examples of promotions deemed “irresponsible”.

  • The external advertising of a complimentary drink upon arrival, unless the drink is provided ancillary to another service such as accommodation or food.
  • Drinks that offer alcohol in non standard measures and or by virtue of their emotive titles such as ? ?laybacks?, ?shooters?, ?slammers?, ?test tubes?, ?blasters? ? and their method of consumption encourages irresponsible drinking habits and are likely to result in rapid intoxication.
  • Drink cards that provide a multiple of free drinks, extreme discounts or discounts of limited duration on a given day or night and or have the capacity to be readily stockpiled by patrons or transferred to other patrons. In other words, the drink card must not, by design or potential misuse, create an incentive for patrons to consume liquor more rapidly, and/or in greater amounts than they otherwise might.
  • Promotional cards, vouchers or incentives providing free or discount drinks which are distributed away from the licensed premises.
  • Promotions of cheap alcohol, for a limited duration in which cheap alcohol is the enticement for people to consume liquor on the premises and which may encourage the irresponsible consumption of liquor.
  • Any labelling or titling of promotions that may encourage patrons to consume liquor irresponsibly and excessively to an intoxicated state.
  • The refusal to serve half measures of spirits on request or provide reasonably priced non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Any promotion that encourages a patron to consume liquor excessively ? ?all you can drink? ?free drinks for women?, ?free drinks for women all night?, ?two for one? ? and to consume liquor in an unreasonable time period.

Check the original for the ways you are allowed to attempt to make your business stand out. It’s a much shorter list.

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