Freedom Reduced

Unable to properly enforce littering laws, Manly council has taken the predictable course of action: Created new laws!

SMOKERS will be unable to light up at Manly’s beaches after its council last night became the first in Australia to ban smoking on the sand.

The momentous decision in the northern Sydney suburb has further restricted where smokers are able to have a puff and has renewed calls for New South Wales pubs and clubs to stop dragging their feet on smoking bans.

Councillors celebrated in a state of hysterical self-satisfaction after the decision:

The ban received the support of Mayor Peter Macdonald who said he believed it would become self-policed by residents.

“I think once it’s introduced, the community will self enforce it,” Dr Macdonald said.

Right. I’m sure angry smokers city wide can’t wait for some fuckwit to try and self-enforce the rule. It’s so hard to find a good excuse to punch on nowadays.

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