As you may have noticed, forces unknown (but, let’s face it, probably the masons or jooooos) have conspired to destroy my site template and the all-round spiffyness of my website.

In the coming days expect it to change a fair bit from hour to hour, although I will attempt to make sure it’s never unreadable for more than a few minutes. I’m confident in my ability to do that due to a little technique I like to call keeping a copy of the default movable type templates in case I manage to completely fuck everything up.

In the meantime, you will notice that I have at least managed to resurrect my logo from the hard disk of my old PC. I’ll try work out this thing they call “Networking” this week in order to transfer the rest of my old crap onto the you beaut new Athlon 2,000,000,000 I bought.

It’s an amazing step up from the old Celeron 400, which for the last few years has been held together with bits of chewing gum and some insulation tape. Surprisingly, it’s still going as good as ever. The problem was that “as good as ever” was still pretty bloody shit.

It’s amazing how cheap new PCs are these days. This box (Athlon 2000, 512mb ram, 80gb Hard Disk) only set me back $520. I kept the monitor I had, since it wasn’t really to blame for the speed of the old warhorse. I heartily recommend upgrading if you are saddled with a similarly shit machine.

If you are expecting me to email you any time soon, you should really re-send whatever it is you are waiting for a reply on, since most of my old emails and contacts are still on the old computer waiting to be exported.

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