Empire Poker

Empire Poker

Empire Poker is an online poker site offering Texas Holdem (As seen on SBS’ Late Night Poker and the Matt Damon movie “Rounders“), Omaha and 7 Card Stud games. Myself and ChrisV spend most of our non-blogging time on there trying to win some cash. I usually stick to Texas Holdem.

It’s nothing to do with “pokies” or slot machines or anything like that, but proper poker against other live players. It’s damn good fun.

Far be it from me to encourage social eviiiiills like gambling, but if you do decide to have a crack, make sure to use my bonus code “EMPIRE182” in order to get your sign-up bonus (and also to get me one).

An important thing for the prospective poker-playing RWDB to keep in mind: Gambling income is not taxable. And, if you’re not confident of your ability to earn that lovely untaxable moolah, you can always play for free on one of the play money tables.

My username is “Yobbo” on there, so you can use the search function to find what table I’m playing on at any given time. Check us out sometime.

Isn’t this a lot more fun than BlogAds?

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3 Comments on “Empire Poker”

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