Modern Racism

Hey, lefties! Sick to death of paranoid right-wingers droning on and on about “political correctness”? You’ll hate this then!

A MIGRANT from the Middle East who failed his test to become a taxi driver three times has complained of discrimination.

The man claims the pass mark is set too high.

He has unsuccessfully sat the test three times since November 2000.

The first time he failed all categories: English communication, map reading, maths and abstract reasoning.

But Equal Opportunity Commissioner Yvonne Henderson believes the man is a victim of discrimination and has referred the matter for a hearing at the Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

Apparently, the possibility that the man is too stupid to drive a taxi never entered anyone’s mind. 80% of Perth taxi drivers are from non-english speaking backgrounds. Perhaps those guys took the special, non-racist test?

If you can’t speak english or read maps, then perhaps you should seek work in an area of employment that doesn’t require a lot of map-reading and face-to-face contact with english-speaking people?

Just a thought.

And this Yvonne Henderson? She should be sacked for what is a ridiculously obvious case of wasting taxpayers’ time and money to advance a political agenda. What a disgraceful, shameless whore.

Even better, close down the whole commission. It’s obviously a waste of space.

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