SMH Pundit Retarded: Report

This just in: The Vast Right Wing ConspiracyTM has apparently taken over the US Media:

There are many ways of making a political point and when traditional means fail there are other ways of getting through.

Look at what’s happening in the US, where the press is notoriously unenthusiastic about left-wing dissent. My own email always contains a good number of correspondents from the US who complain that pro-abortion or anti-war articles in this paper would not see the light of day in the mainstream press there.

Thank goodness then, for the brave underground publishers. Risking their lives to get the truth out there, like these struggling freedom fighters:

The resulting row has made headlines round the world, thrown Disney on the defensive and given Moore yet another cause connected to a traditional American issue – free speech. The New York Times accused Disney of craven censorship and awarded it “the gold medal for cowardice”.

Presumably their offices will be carpet bombed tomorrow by the Bush Junta. Should make for some good viewing.

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