Media Watch

The Herald Sun today offers news of a stunning discovery:

ONE of Crown’s Casino’s biggest gamblers says he has developed a casino-beating blackjack system.

Ron Parsons – a member of the Melbourne casino’s Mahogany Room and rated among Crown’s top 200 punters…

Whatever the hell that means. They make it sound like he’s one of the 200 best, but I assume it just means he throws massive amounts of money across the table….

…is the mastermind of a tell-all website launched this week. teaches a mathematical betting formula it says gamblers of all levels can use to beat the house almost every time… The system does not include card counting – banned at all casinos.

Sounds great! How do I learn more about this amazing new system?

Gamblers will pay about $300 to download betting systems, including detailed video footage and oral explanations.

There’s a surprise. The media should really be held to account for rubbish like this. This is nothing but advertising in the guise of a news story. At least when it’s a miracle new cellulite cure the media can claim it’s possibly true. Systems to beat house games are impossible now and they’ll be impossible 100 years from now. There is no debate and no room for improvement.

I wonder how much the Herald Sun’s kickback was, and whether it was the whole paper, or just that one journalist.

As for the guys under fire from this awesome new casino-busting system:

Crown spokesman Gary O’Neill said the casino was unconcerned.

I bet.

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