Bag End

Why does Mark Latham hate plastic bags so much? Could it be that the trauma of having a heavily laden plastic bag split and spill one of your two tins of beans strikes a little too close to home for Australia’s most beloved stag?

Consumers will have to pay extra for plastic shopping bags under a Labor plan to slash the number of bags that end up as litter.

Opposition Leader Mark Latham said yesterday that a Labor government would stop retailers giving away plastic bags by the end of 2007 and set a minimum charge for bags.

“We all know the system where you put your groceries in the plastic bag,” he said. “That is what we are hoping to phase out and then ban.”

Luckily, the West Australian contains handy cheat codes for those readers who are unable to determine the good policy ideas from the bad:

The Democrats and Greens have long been supporters of a levy on plastic bags.

On the plus side, it’s good to know that Mr media darling has already solved all the big problems, and now has time to play around with the fine tuning. I can only guess that he’s saving the killer “Be Excellent To Each Other – And Party On Dudes!” policy for closer to election time.

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