WA Police Are Cowardly Thugs

I wasn’t able to blog on the disgusting actions of WA Police last week due to my phone troubles. So let’s take a look now:

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said she was appalled by what she had been told about the incident.

“I wouldn’t have thought that any police officers would engage in this kind of behaviour, on duty or off duty,” she said.

In which case, lady, you are a fucking idiot and not qualified to hold the position. Have you been living in a cave? Resign.

And how are the officers being dealt with?

Mr Atherton says seven officers have been moved out of the tactical investigation group pending the outcome of the inquiry.

It’s truly disgusting that these corrupt pieces of shit are getting away with this. Police hold the threat of retaliation over the head of any citizen who so much as looks sideways at them in the street.

When they are caught behaving like the corrupt, power-addicted psychos most of them are – whether it’s ramming kids heads through patrol car windows or threatening police harassment in civilian disputes – they should be punished to full extent of the law.

And as for the cop who tried to charge the US student with assault because he lost a fight? You’re a coward and a crybaby. I would say you are a disgrace to the force, but the fact is that the actions of the officers last week are nothing out of the ordinary for WA Police.

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