Save The Krill!

Mangled Thoughts have finally developed a social conscience, and have decided to lead the charge in the Save The Krill campaign.

If you’d like to help out, send Australian currency to us here at If you are poor, never fear: Simply harpoon a whale, sell it to your nearest Japanese exchange student, then send us the cash! Simple. (As a guide, whale meat retails for about $30 a kilo).

Stop the genocide! Save the Krill!

And, as always, please think of the children!

We, thus, turned our attention to whale meat. For older generations of Japanese, whale meat elicits fond recollections. I myself remember having whale meat in school for lunch. We conducted a study by interviewing mothers who had given whale meat as a substitute food to their children suffering from allergies. The results convinced us that whale meat was an excellent food for treating allergic disorders.

Unfortunately, since commercial whaling has been banned, whale meat is no longer readily available to the general public. We tried various possibilities, but it was very difficult to obtain good-quality whale meat at a reasonable price.

Save The Krill! And The Allergy-stricken kids! And Meet Japanese Exchange Students! Yum.

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