Stupid Is As Stupid Does

A recent poll on the Australian Libertarian site asked the question: What is the greatest threat to our Liberty?

The clear winner? : Stupidity.

With that in mind, I’d like to take the chance to celebrate a couple of obvious exponents in this most pervasive of nouns. Only one of these is actually a threat to liberty, but they’re both pretty stupid.

First up, in a noble and successful effort to outdo Merlin for “dumbest. protest. ever.”, there’s this:

AN Indian mystic who vowed to spend a weekend buried underground to show his desire for world peace has died of suffocation.

Coming hot on its trail is this handy guide on how to make heroin – from the seed to the needle. Probably not “stupid” on its own merits, but when the publisher is the US Department of Justice? Talk about making life hard for yourself.

If we can have a war on nouns like “Drugs” and “Terrorism”, then surely a war on Stupidity is long overdue.

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