Now In Widescreen

Just got a new addition to the yobbo pad: A new 80cm TV, to replace the 30 year old Rank Arena that has been on its last legs for a while now. The new purchase was necessitated by getting the Foxtel connected, in order to watch the footy extra large style.

As we all know though, you never actually end up watching anything useful on pay TV, but rather spend most of your time flicking through channels looking for anything that’s new or resembles porn.

Which is why I’d like to talk about my new favourite TV shows: “Naked News” and “The Man Show”.

The first is pretty self explanatory. It’s news, except the newsreaders get naked. And not just half naked, either. There’s not much more to it than that, but hey – what more could you ask for?

The Man Show is a little more complex, although not much. It stars Adam Corolla (from MTV’s loveline) and some other fat dude and is basically a celebration of all manly things. Partial nudity, sculling beer and good, old fashioned misogyny are all heavily featured, as well as a regular feature called “Girls Jumping On Trampolines”. Which is basically girls…who jump up and down on trampolines.

I can’t believe it took the TV industry 50 years to come up with that sort of inspiration, but I’m glad they did.

The best part of “The Man Show”, though, is undoubtedly the “man show boy“, an obnoxious fat kid who is let loose on the streets to insult adults in any way he can. It’s outstanding, but like they say, the candle that burns twice as bright only burns something something.

Man show boy, unfortunately, didn’t make it to season 5 of The Man Show (luckily for me, I think we’re only in season 1 at the moment). Here’s why:

Speaking of boys, the man show boy (no longer a boy) is gone from the show. He was involved in a sketch about getting a man to inflate his raft while he made blow job jokes. The crew failed to get the man’s signature & as it turns out he was a big time TV executive with mean lawyers in tow.

Dissent Crushed!

Anyway, the man show boy is still alive and well in the repeats on Australian Foxtel. Don’t miss it.

***Even as I type this, the girls from Naked News are delivering a heartfelt eulogy of Ronald Reagan. Pay TV is the greatest invention the world has ever seen.

Update: The Man Show Boy’s name? Aaron Hamill. St. Kilda fans make of that what you will.

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