Ban The Board

One of the most unworthy and inefficient organisations in Australia, the WA Potato Marketing Board, has been intentionally marketing their fattening food directly to children in this disgraceful campaign. They’ve even gone so far as to create cartoon-style mascots in order to make their fat-causing products more appealling to impressionable young children.

In addition, the Potato Marketing Board has long employed a fat, jolly man known as Mark Mitchell to foist their inferior products upon kids. The fact that Mitchell closely resembles Santa Claus is no coincidence.

Potatoes are a key ingredient in some of the most fattening foods consumed by Australian kids, such as “Chips”, “Potatoes Au Gratin” and “Hashbrowns”. One can only hope that Labor’s new anti-junk food proposal will be effective in curtailing their irresponsible ad campaign, if not shutting them down altogether.

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