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Merlin Speaks!

June 20, 2004

It was worth the wait:

Several hundred people have rallied in Sydney to mark World Refugee Day by calling for an end to mandatory detention in Australia.

Speakers such as Democrats Senator Aden Ridgeway and Greens Senator Kerry Nettle labelled the Federal Government’s claim that no refugees are in detention as misleading and cynical.

Former Big Brother housemate Merlin Luck, who left the reality television program last week by silently waving a banner saying ‘Free th Refugees’ (sic), also spoke at the rally.

He offered his own alternative.

“I was thinking people want reality television and yet the media’s not even allowed into our detention centres,” he said.

“Maybe we should set up cameras in there and evict someone every week.

“Give them a brand new car and a mobile phone.

I’m not sure the luvvies have thought this through. Surely, the racists and squinting suburbanites are more likely to vote for one of the many white male (likely rapists) from England or South Africa or some other such country who are currently in detention. Wouldn’t that be an even worse situation than what we currently face now? After all, the last thing Australia needs is more white males, right?

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June 20, 2004

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