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Space Page

June 22, 2004

Regular Samizdata contributor Dale Amon has a series of posts presenting an insider’s view of the world’s first privately developed Spaceship, which entered space for the first time yesterday.

Monday’s flight followed a series of test runs for SpaceShipOne, which is the lead contender in a $10 million race to fly a three-passenger, reusable craft to suborbital altitude, then repeat the feat within two weeks. More than two dozen teams have entered the X-Prize, which expires at the end of this year.

Rutan developed SpaceShipOne with funding from Microsoft co-founder Allen, who said he spent more than $20 million on the program.

“We built a complete manned program from scratch for the price of one of those government studies,” Rutan said.

Catch up with the action at Samizdata.

Update: Alan E. Brain has…an update.

Barmy Red Army

June 22, 2004

Some hints as to the future of world cricket:



China’s government has launched a drive to make the country a world force in cricket. It is determined to reach the top rank of the game within 20 years.

And, if their future cricketing history bears any similarity to England’s, they’ll spend the second half of the 21st century losing to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Tibet.