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Regular Samizdata contributor Dale Amon has a series of posts presenting an insider’s view of the world’s first privately developed Spaceship, which entered space for the first time yesterday.

Monday’s flight followed a series of test runs for SpaceShipOne, which is the lead contender in a $10 million race to fly a three-passenger, reusable craft to suborbital altitude, then repeat the feat within two weeks. More than two dozen teams have entered the X-Prize, which expires at the end of this year.

Rutan developed SpaceShipOne with funding from Microsoft co-founder Allen, who said he spent more than $20 million on the program.

“We built a complete manned program from scratch for the price of one of those government studies,” Rutan said.

Catch up with the action at Samizdata.

Update: Alan E. Brain has…an update.

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