Lisa Wilkinson Wants YOU

Been dreaming of debating David Koch? Here’s your chance:

REALITY TV will invade the federal election campaign, with a national contest to elect six independent candidates for the Senate.

Channel 7 announced it was going ahead with Vote For Me, where 18 serious candidates will be chosen by political experts, before the audience votes for a final six.

The winners will then get $10,000 and regular air time by Seven in their quest to be elected to the Senate.

The contestants will run for Senate spots in Queensland, NSW, Victorian, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

More information on Sunrise’s web page here. If you are thinking of entering, you’d better get your skates on, because all entries must be received by July 2.

Update: Some people don’t need any help from the crew at Sunrise. Ozblogger Todd McKenzie, for example:

I must admit that I thought it would be a while before I said this, but I am taking the leap and becoming a candidate for the seat of Lilley in the upcoming Federal Election. I will be running as a National for the seat.

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