Cold, Dead Brains

This flash movie, “The Last Request“, documents the last meals requested by a selection of condemned prisoners in the US:

The Last Request presents the final choice as made by several of these prisoners. As you watch this, remember that the capital punishment system occasionally kills the wrong man.

So perhaps you should ask yourself: What would your last meal be?

I think the intention is to make some sort of point on the inhumanity of capital punishment or something, but all it really did is make me hungry. So, I went to the freezer and microwaved 2 sausage rolls.

Anyway, I already know what my last meal request would be: The brains of every person who had ever spited me, made into sushi and served off a geisha’s naked body. And, to wash it down, 5 litres of bourbon in order to kill myself with alcohol toxicity before the government could. So there.

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