Fat People Shit Me

A lot of kids in Australia are fat:

It is estimated that approximately one in five Australian children aged between 5 and 18 years old are overweight or obese. This is double the prevalence estimated in 1986.

Fortunately, there is already a cure for obesity: Eat less and exercise more. It’s guaranteed to work. Despite already having a free, readily available cure, the government is prepared to spend $100 million of taxpayer’s money to tackle this “disease”:

The Federal Government is set to pump more than $100 million into battling the bulge among Australian children with a free national after-school sport and exercise program and grants to tidy up tuckshop menus.

In Tasmania today, Prime Minister John Howard will announce the rest of the Government’s plan to fight childhood obesity.

Mr Howard is expected to pledge more than $100 million for the scheme, with a focus on groups already running approved afternoon programs on weekdays.

On the other hand, Asthma affects between 10-20% of Australian children. There is no cure, it is not preventable, and is potentially fatal. However, like many previously mysterious diseases, modern science has a very real chance of defeating asthma, just as it defeated Polio, Smallpox and many other diseases that were previously fatal:

Millions of Australian children could avoid getting asthma as a result of ground-breaking Perth research which has found a vaccine that prevents damage to airways early in life.

Doctors say the new anti-inflammatory drugs could be used in preschoolers through to teenagers to stop healthy airways and lungs from becoming asthma-prone, effectively stopping the disease in its tracks.

The finding has huge implications, particularly in Australia, which has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world. Up to 40 per cent of five-year-olds have asthmatic wheezing and it is the biggest cause of hospital admissions among children.

Yet the government chooses to fund fat slobs to the tune of $100 million, because they are too stupid to eat less food.

There is no cure for human stupidity. There may be cures for many diseases like Cancer, AIDS, Asthma, Malaria or anything else. $100 million would sure help our researchers look for them.

Being fat is a choice. As is smoking, drinking, not wearing a seatbelt or any other stupid shit people do that can lead to them dying.

Having asthma or cancer is not a choice anyone makes.

It’s disgusting that so much taxpayers’ money goes towards trying to direct people’s choices, when it could be going to medical researchers trying to cure disease, like the asthma researchers above.

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11 Comments on “Fat People Shit Me”

  1. Gina Says:

    The last time I had french fries was maybe 3 years ago, the last time I had an actual cookie has been at least 10. I walk 2 miles daily with the dogs and still weigh 250 pounds at 5’5″. So this “free, readily available cure” does not work with everyone. Now I’m not going to say that every fat person isn’t a lazy slob, but for the rest of us we are getting tired of be lumped in with the rest of them.. BTW it is 8:05 am, so far I’ve done 2 loads of laundry, made and froze 3 meals, cleaned up from all that cooking, and vacuumed the parlor. What do you do before 8 am on a Saturday?

  2. Mark Hill Says:

    Do you think 2 miles is far enough?

  3. chrisjv Says:

    Mark Hill I think that’s a bit harsh, 2 miles is a reasonable amount of daily exercise. Gina is right that some people’s metabolisms are simply geared lower. But Yobbo is right that the “obesity epidemic” is an example of the lazy and/or gluttonous variety of fat people. Since it represents a recent increase over the normal level of obesity, what else could it be? Also, the government’s schemes are obviously targeted at this kind of obesity too. So I think Yobbo’s point stands with regard to specifically the kind of obesity the government is targeting.

  4. Mark Hill Says:

    Well, I didn’t mean it that way. If you can’t lose weight and eat well, there isn’t much more you can do other than exercise more or eat more frequently.

  5. yobbo Says:

    What do you do before 8 am on a Saturday?

    I woke up at lunch time. Then I ate an upgraded Whopper with Cheese value meal.

  6. > “On the other hand, Asthma affects between 10-20% of Australian children. There is no cure, it is not preventable, and is potentially fatal. ”

    That is precisely what the medical industry wants you to believe. They have been trying for nearly half a century to suppress the information from Russia about what causes asthma and how to CURE IT. Unfortunately for them, the Internet doesn’t encourage suppression of information.

    An Australian hospital was losing money because too many asthma patients were swapping over to the free cure. So they paid for an expensive research project to prove the superiority of prescription drugs to the free cure.

    They soon regretted the project! Results demonstrated that prescription asthma drugs made asthma worse (the FDA has admitted it) but the free cure was successful at fighting asthma.

  7. Orpheus Says:

    Where did I leave that tinfoil hat…

  8. rozz Says:

    What it likely IS from is chemical laden, hormone poisoned food. The hormones fatten animals AND people. Children are reaching maturity at an ever earlier rate… hmmmm… what could it be? And look at the ingredient labels a mile long!

    I went organic and lost 50 lbs! Prior to that I was exercising and hour and a half daily in the gym, an hour on the treadmill and a half hour on weights, gaining muscle but not losing much fat.

    If you consume artificial sweeteners (they increase insulin resistance) hormones that cause cravings and weight gain, pesticides that are hormone mimics and an SSRI antidepressant (which can make you insulin resistant to the tune of 300 cal a day!) you’re gonna gain weight and that’s even if you never eat fast food, which is a whole other disgusting disaster!

    Government is quite aware of these issues. They aren’t keeping this a secret. But they are not advertising it either. Big Pharma, Corporate Farming and the computer boom (less movement) are causing this “epidemic”. If you don’t believe it… Google it and see.

  9. Razor Says:

    Orpheus – can I borrow your tinfoil hat?

    Hormones, artificial sweetners, corporate farming?

    Holy crap!

    How come when I decide to eat better and do more exercise I immediately (and I mean overnoght) start losing weight? Yet I am still eating the same foods and using artificial sweetners????

  10. Bunnie Says:

    i just wish all those fatty boom-sticks would get off their high horses!!!!! Im 22 173cm tall and 47kg, a natural Australian size 4, now u say being fat is inconvenient … BULL TWOLIP! everywhere i go i see plus size clothing stores, chairs with a wider seat and hell…if ur fat u r entitled to a bloody disability sticker so u can park in handicapped spaces so u don’t have to walk as far to get ur big mac!… i on the other hand have to get ALL my clothes tailor made. i cop constant abuse for being anorexic, and suffer from chronic fatigue because im so small and im not the only NATURALLY SKINNY person out there! get off ur fat lazy arse and go for a walk or eat a salad, if u dont wanna do that stop ur fat winning….i’ve had enuf of ur crap!

  11. Ness Says:

    Personally I think your all disgusting skinny or fat. Why not istead of sitting here bad mouthing each other make a solution for your problems?

    Fat people lose weight. For that skinny girl who is crying about her size, you know you can do exercises to even out your body and stop getting comments about being anorexic?? You’re just as bad as fat people sitting on the couch with chips in their hands saying “Why can’t I lose any weight?” Get off your high horse and change your own fucking destiny. Blithering idiots the lot of you.

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