Spiderman II

And now for something completely different… a film review!

Went and saw Spiderman II today. I wasn’t really among the fans of the first film, I thought it was a decent effort but was let down by an overly talky script and one of the worst villains since God tried to nick Captain Kirk’s spaceship in Star Trek V: The Scriptwriters Are On Strike.

Things are improved this time around. Director Sam Raimi (the Evil Dead series, among others) lets loose with a few screwball moments scattered through the film and a generally more comic-booky style. There is still quite a bit of talk but it works better this time, with a better script and the actors fitting more naturally into their roles. The action scenes are first class and the villain is vastly improved. Doc Ock’s mechanical arms are lively and evocative, doing a much better job of acting than, say, Hayden Christiansen in Attack Of The Clones.

While it’s a good film there has possibly been a bit much praise heaped on it by critics. “The best superhero movie since Superman” gushed Ebert; well, I’d rate Batman and The Crow better off the top of my head. The film is still a bit saggy in the middle, as a result of Peter Parker/Spiderman’s identity crisis being drawn out for too long. The CONSTANT knocks and humiliations suffered by Peter Parker get irritating after a while – yeah, life can be tough. We get it. Can we move on?

So, walk into the cinema without expecting a classic and you’ll have a blast.

Tune in next week when I defy Michael Moore’s corporate greed machine by reviewing a pirated copy of Fahrenheit 9/11. As an aside, the eDonkey2000 peer-to-peer network is flooded with fake copies of this film, which is the first time I’ve seen the network deliberately spoofed on this scale. I would have thought Moore would WANT to get the message out to everyone. It’s almost as though he’s more concerned about the money than anything else.

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