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Hey, Teacher: Leave Those Tits Alone!

July 5, 2004


Secretaries, Teachers and Schoolgirls, Oh My!

A teenage girl from Sydney’s most exclusive co-educational school has been suspended after sexually suggestive photographs were sent to fellow and former pupils.

Barker College suspended 17-year-old Francesca Willis, a part-time model and HSC student, after two photographs featuring poses in uniform in a year 12 common room appeared in emails from as far afield as London

SalonAt the risk of offending Adrian the Cabbie and Ken the Lawyer, I have decided that I cannot let this important news go unreported. After all, if it’s good enough for the Sydney Morning Herald, there’s a fair chance it’s good enough for this blog.

I’ve only got 1 of the photos in school uniform here, which I suspect has been cropped by the SMH. If anyone has the unedited versions, feel free to send them in. I did manage to find a picture of Francesca in modelling mode at FashionNZ, which is the one on the right.

Ms Willis, however, defended her actions on her personal website under the name “Tahitian Temptress”. Describing the photographs as a “bit of fun”, she also expressed surprise that it took so long for the pictures to become public.

Her blog has now been shut down. However, it’s still cached by google (sans pictures). Take a squizz.

Further googling and oogling left up to the reader.

Update: In order to give this post a purpose other than looking at some teen boobies, I would like to offer the opinion that suspending Francesca was pretty pissweak. On the other hand, maybe it was a cunning ploy on behalf of the school administration to increase her modelling career prospects…look at all the media attention she’s getting.

Also, if there was ever any doubt that private schools are superior to their state-run equivalents, I think this settles it. There sure weren’t any chicks like that at Narrogin SHS.