We’re Back, Baby.

Welcome to my new home. After the gravett.org domain disappeared, I didn’t bother looking into a new home for a long while, mainly because I couldn’t really be stuffed any more. However, I have still been commenting on a lot of blogs around the place, so I still have the desire to do this now and then when I get off my arse.

The boys at home in Dumbleyung are also keen to see me back blogging and I know that a lot of friends in faraway places keep in touch with me through this blog, so for that reason I’ve decided to start blogging again. I can’t give any guarantees as to what the primary focus of this blog will be from this point forward, except to say that it will be whatever I feel like writing about.

As we speak, my old blogging partner ChrisV is currently in Las Vegas, Nevada competing in the 2006 World Series of Poker. You can keep up with his escapades here.

If you were previously on my blogroll, or if you would like to be, now would be the time to let me know. Stick the URL of your blog in the comments and if I like it I will add it.

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13 Comments on “We’re Back, Baby.”

  1. Zim Says:

    Welcome back Yobbo!

  2. Mark Dixon Says:

    Good to see you back online Sam.

  3. Sukrit Says:

    See if you like our group blog at Thoughts on Freedom. A link on your blogroll would be appreciated.

  4. Scott Says:

    Hey Sam, good to see you in the land of the Blogging once more.

  5. Sacha Says:

    Enjoy your new blog, Yobbo. My blog, for what it’s worth, is at http://blumensacha.wordpress.com/.

  6. hc Says:

    Welcome back Yobbo – I’ll change my link!

  7. Jason Soon Says:

    ah, you’re back! Time to put you back on the blogroll

  8. Strawman Says:


    I’ll show them yours if you show them mine ..

  9. Hammy Says:

    Welcome back Wardy.

  10. JohnL Says:

    Welcome back!

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