ABC Bias, Again.

The ABC and its employees have been in the news again lately. Apparently there are some claims of bias getting about (no prizes for guessing in which direction).

Just in the last month, the following has happened:

Firstly, flagship documentary program “Australian Story” comes to the defense of a bunch of thugs who murdered a young man on his way home from the pub because someone threw a tennis ball at their car.

Then next up, ABC radio host Terry Lane falls for an internet hoax that claims systemic torture and murder of Iraqi civilians is standard procedure for US forces. Terry’s explanation:

“I fell for it because I wanted to believe it.”

Shouldn’t the ABC be just a little concerned that one of its highest profile presenters hates the USA and it’s military so intensely that he “wants to believe” that they are acting under orders to murder innocent civilians?

Apparently not.

And finally, children’s program Behind The News this week apologised for an episode which described Hezbollah as “soldiers” and as “refugees” whose land had been “taken by Israel”.

In explaining themselves, ABC flunky Denise Musto said:

“In its attempt to be simple and concise, the story did not represent key relevant viewpoints,” she said. “Some of the descriptions were over-simplistic and inappropriate.”

Isn’t it funny how in the quest for simplicity, the ABC never accidentally comes down in favour of Israel, or indeed anything other than the standard left-wing line? Try as might, I can’t remember the last time this happened.

But you know, that could just be my selective memory.

This organisation is a digraceful sham, and nothing more than a way for activists to steal taxpayers money to push left-wing propaganda. The days when Australia needed a publically funded television network are long gone. The ABC should be dismantled and its licence auctioned to the highest bidder.

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4 Comments on “ABC Bias, Again.”

  1. observa Says:

    Well you know how it is with Marxism, Leninism,Trotskyism and Communism. Blair’s Law predicted its current form of ‘Socialislam’. You just gotta keep on morphing the brand name and advertising if the underlying product’s crap.

  2. Strawman Says:

    >> The ABC should be dismantled and its licence auctioned to the highest bidder.

    Why dismantle it? It would be worth more as a going concern. And any .. er ..
    ‘staff restructuring’ could be done by the new owners.

    Who knows – a million lefties might actually pool their own money and buy it to pay for a leftist mouthpiece. And good on them if they do. Just as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

  3. CL Says:

    “I fell for it because I wanted to believe it.” Sounds just like you warmongering wankers who believed in WMD, deliverable on London within 40 minutes. Despite Hans Blix telling Howard there were no WMD.

    Commercial media inevitably tend to the right. How many Murdoch papers out of 108 supported the war you you reckon? 107. And the Hobart Mercury suddenly changed its tune just before. Wonder why?

    So long as my taxes have to pay for the ADF, you can stop you whinging about having to pay for the ABC.

  4. shelly Says:

    i love those walls!

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