Death Of Liberty By 1000 Cuts

Harry Clarke will no doubt support this too. After all, drinking standing up is undoubtedly a stupid decision that nobody would make if they knew better:

Vertical drinking is a new term for what used to be called standing at the bar, long regarded as the natural refuelling posture. Sixteen pints of lager slip into the tanks much more easily when the gullet is erect rather than kinked by the body being squeezed into a chair like a half-shut penknife. Drinking while standing in a like-minded group, police argue, is a contributor to booze-fuelled violence.

When the mindless nerd next to you knocks the pint out of your hand, it’s much easier to go for him directly than having to get out of a chair to punch his lights out.

Backed by the local NHS primary care trust, Preston police want a “no standing” drinking rule imposed on the city by the autumn; they want customers to be served only if they have a seat.

It’s funny, but when you tell people that things like the new smoking ban in pubs are just another step along the line to the eventual goal – total prohibition of tobacco and alcohol, they look at you like you are some kind of crazy conspiracy theorist.

It should be pretty clear by now that the various “Departments of Health” and assorted other wowsers in western countries will simply never be satisfied as long as people can still drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes anywhere.

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4 Comments on “Death Of Liberty By 1000 Cuts”

  1. hc Says:

    I don’t – it is a ridiculous suggestion. Trying to encourage foolish adolescents from killing themselves with carcinogens is a much better idea however.

  2. David Says:

    I think you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.

  3. Chris Fryer Says:

    This is easily the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard. Governments around the world appear to be seeking ways to control every aspect of our lives. It takes eternal vigilance to protect our rights. It is a definite trend in recent times for governments to become increasingly powerful. The example of history proves that once an organisation gains power they will do anything they can to protect it.

  4. What Says:

    don\’t understand

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