Another One Down

If this is approved, what is stopping your own house from being targetted next?

The South Australian Government plans to ban smoking in cars in which children under the age of 16 are passengers.

Smokers caught by police will be fined $75 on the spot, with a maximum penalty of $200 if the matter goes to court.

And the SA government, unlike most others, is not shy about ignoring the lack of evidence of the harm caused by passive smoking:

“These four measures, they are tough but I don’t believe anyone really can refute the importance of them,” she said.

“They are tough and I make no apologies for that – these measures are about saving people’s lives.”

Presumably the lives saved are those of government beauracrats, who would starve to death if it wasn’t for the constant need for developing more and more regulations to control us.

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22 Comments on “Another One Down”

  1. hc Says:

    Good move – protects the kiddies.

    But watch the pro-smoking lobby launch into its defence of those producing carcinogenic, addictive compounds.

    Its good that we have some fatherly figures who will save us from our foolish sins.

  2. yobbo Says:

    Protects the kiddies from what Harry? Their parents? If passive smoking is harmful then it follows that their parents are actually deliberately exposing their kids to harm, so why only a $75 fine? They should have their kids taken away from them.

  3. Tony Says:

    This is just it! We keep on getting more and more regulations, more and more behaviours deemed as ‘illegal’ more fines more people in jail, more criminals, it is the same as speed limits and a whole host of other things. What ever happened to personal responsibility? I think I would like to start up a ‘SMOKING CLUB’ where people go to SMOKE and as an extra I will serve alcohol. It is such bullshit! Funnily enough I used to smoke and don’t anymore, but if you CHOOSE TO GO INTO A PUB, you choose the be exposed to smoke, booze and god forbid a good time!

  4. James Dudek Says:

    I position that second hand alcoholism in the form of drunk driving, assault, and violence from alcohol abuse has killed and maimed more people than second hand smoking.

    Thus, I hereby call for a total ban on alcohol.

    Additionally, who spends enough time in smoky bars to actually get exposed to enough smoke to cause cancer from second hand smoking? If a person did actually spend that much time in a bar, the least of their concerns would be lung cancer caused by second hand smoke — it would be liver poisoning.

    And I don’t want to hear the nonsense about bar employees being exposed to second hand smoke. From my time working in the hospitality industry I think bar employees biggest problems with smoking related illnesses would be first hand smoke.

  5. hc Says:


    The costs of cigarette smoking trounce those overall from booze – though the latter are bad since alcohol is a neurotoxin.

    Drink driving kills lots of people – the answer is not to drive when you are drunk not to ban drinking. Thus you punish drink driving not booze consumption.

    Passive smoking does affect the incidence of compounds in the bloodstream associated with smoking. It does have significant health costs.

    If people smoke they are more likely to die than if they are subject to passive smoking. Agreed. So bar people should be encouraged not to smoke as well as not to work in smoke-filled rooms.

  6. James Dudek Says:

    Harry – I’m going to call bullshit on the costs of cigarette smoke trouncing booze. You’re going to have to back that assertion up with some scientific evidence mate.

    What about the societal costs of alcohol abuse? Ask someone who grew up in a house where the Dad was an alcoholic whether they would have prefered that he be addicted to cigarettes instead.

    Just take a look at the Aboriginal communities devastated by alcohol abuse if you think that passive drinking isn’t more of a problem.

    When was the last time the cops had to be called on someone who has had one too many cigarettes?

    I haven’t even begun to mention that the societal costs of hangovers – have a think about the productivity impact on society based on all the people turning up for work on Friday after a Thursday night on the turps……

  7. yobbo Says:

    I agree, alcohol is much more of a problem than cigarettes. Harry hasn’t given up drinking yet though, so he’s quite happy for that to remain legal.

  8. You miss the point Comrade James. There is one perfect way of living a life… and that is Harry’s way. If you want to live a different way, then you are wrong and need to be controlled by the benevolent state. It’s for your own good Harry. And the good of “society”. Hail.

  9. murph Says:

    My pairs smoked in the car. It fucking sucked and I remind themof it very often.

  10. darren Says:

    I’m not the Darren above…
    My old man smoked in the car.. i loved the smell of a freshly lit cigarette in the car.

    I post stuff in support of smoking in pubs wherever i can. I hope smokers/drinkers and tolerant (fuck me) non smokers/drinkers, read them and get some sort of inspiration, as do I when i read theirs.Its a shame the internet doesn’t get the exposure that the mainstream press does. But then again, if it ever did, if it don’t please the ‘powers that be’ it will be edited anyway. I am saddened.. nay, sickened, by the tidal wave of fuckin shit that all these non smoking p.c. fucking blind nerds suck up by the gutfull, then spew forth oh so knowledgably in the pub whenever they can. No one gave a fuck about smokin in the pub even 2 years ago. It wasn’t an issue and no one ever believed it would or could be. These new laws have fucked the pub culture. The Aussie culture. Non smokers, (NOW) just cannot comprehend that we smokers might actually ENJOY a smoke. Especially with our beer at the pub. AT THE FUCKIN BAR!
    The gnarly old steel fixer/brickie/ concretor with the rolly hangin on the lip, sits in the same spot every day, has his 5 pots and goes home. He’s a criminal now if that rolly stays on his lip , inside the bar.. Even though you can buy the things outa that fuckin change stealin’ cunt of a thing in the corner. Is that crazy?, or am i thick,.. “not with it’ sorta thing? Fuck off over to the poofters lounge with the other boring nerds if it offends you. And it didn’t offend you 2 years ago, did it, pansy?But no.. hang on. We can’t say that. It’s LAW that you cannot smoke in the pub.The pub, for fucks sake. Can you fuckin believe it?
    Welcome to the new new age, friends. No morality allowed and everyone must be a health freak. I shoulda been a pharmacist. In ten years , they’ll be the only cunts with any money.

  11. yobbo Says:

    You said it all man.

  12. darren Says:

    Thanks mate.

    Maintain/Obtain the rage.

    Spread the truth.

    Don’t give fools a minute of your time.

    Light up.


  13. darren Says:

    I just went down to the Tugun Tavern (gold Coast) (only cos i’m too pissed to drive the 5 mins to nsw, where SHOCK HORROR I CAN STILL SMOKE INDOORS)and when i went outside for a smoke FOR FUX SAKE., the loud mouth no mannered young grrrl with the pseudo intellectual U.K. inflectioned accent that seems to have crept into all the little aussie darlings vocabulary(dontcha luv ’em) , that worked there, hounded a bloke for eatin a packet of fuckin peanuts in the “DOSA”. Pointed out that ‘penalties will apply’ if he continued.. Like a bewildered, incredulous sheep, he shoved ’em in his pocket as though it was a dildo he’d been taunting patrons with, and been sprung, or sumpthin. I know its “law” and everything lass, but for fuxake. 11 oclock at nite and no cunt around? Give me a break. No wonder i seethe with anger all the time.

  14. Mark Hill Says:

    I don’t get the peanuts thing.

  15. yobbo Says:

    Me Neither. Why couldn’t he eat the peanuts?

  16. darren Says:

    cos peanuts is food. The law sez NO FOOD ALLOWED IN A D.O.S.A.
    Very good question.
    I think they’re trying to find out just how much antagonism a smoker will take.
    there’s also, in QLD at least, No Entertainment and No Service allowed. Not even a speaker pointing vaguely in the direction of the DOSA.
    Why? More antagonism.
    And y’know, all thats happened is that we have an empty bar with a DOSA full of smokers AND non smokers, who somehow make their own entertainment.
    Till it rains.

  17. Mark Hill Says:

    Ah, Eureka…

    “What cannot happen in a DOSA
    Food cannot be taken into or consumed in the DOSA. “Food” means anything you can eat, and includes all food items, such as meals and snacks (ie. chips and nuts).
    Food or drink cannot be served to patrons in the DOSA. Staff can enter the DOSA to clear glasses and empty ashtrays, but they must not take orders from, or serve food or drinks to, patrons.
    No entertainment can be provided in the DOSA. This includes having television screens, music speakers, bands, pool tables, or any other type of amusement in the area. It is okay if a person in a DOSA can see a television screen which is in another part of the premises, or hear music or announcements, just as long as the entertainment is not specifically provided for the people in the DOSA.
    No poker machines can be located in the DOSA.”

    You can’t even order food you would eat elsehwere?

    I hate smoking but this is just punishing people for their lifestyle choice.

  18. yobbo Says:

    That’s what it’s always been about Mark.

  19. darren Says:

    The fact that staff can still enter the D fuckin O fuckin S fuckin A makes a mockery out of why the dosa was even allowed, after these dickhead LAWS were introduced. After all , the laws were all about protecting staff, weren’t they?

    Some fuckwit junk scientist said “There is no safe level of passive smoking”. That was the ammunition that the various health organizations needed for them to rub their hands together with glee and march forward to their powers that be, in a communal orgasm, cradling the ‘facts’ about the dangers of smoking , to people other than the smoker him/herself.

    Why is it then, that high rollers in Jupiters casino (to name one) can still smoke to their hearts content indoors? Do the high rollers self staff the high rollin’ room? I don’t fuckin think so.

    Just admit it, you non smoking, non this, non that ,fuckheads; You just don’t like THE LOOK of normal everyday people smoking.

    Doesn’t fit in to your pc world.

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