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My first attempt at a video blog. You might need to turn your speakers up.

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40 Comments on “First Video Blog”

  1. your mum Says:

    i knew i should have sent you to acting school. dont forget to make a will, can i have my house back my favourite son. maybe you should go to the bible bashing doctor who delivered you he can give you some antidepressants.Itsnot to late to change your life around , just give up all your wicked and bad habits

  2. ha – righting past wrongs – dishevelled – your name is really Earle isn’t it?

    I missed the “if you are watching this I must be dead” bit.

  3. hc Says:

    Thanks Sam, loved it. You will now achieve immortality so stuff the health Nazis and stuff Harry Clarke! Why did you keep leering right? Was that bird with the wonky knee doing her strut in that direction.

  4. yobbo Says:

    Harry nah, the camera is located to the left of my screen because I don’t have anything with which to stick it to the top of the monitor. I guess I keep leering right because I don’t like the look of my face front on and wanted to keep it slightly in profile.

    It’s weird to look at yourself while talking, I dunno.

    By the way, hi mum! Nice to see you worked out how to use the computer.

  5. Jason Soon Says:

    I actually watched this twice just to hear you get to the line about fat chicks, Greenpeace and Muslims – ‘very very sorry’. Am I pathetic or do you have an uncanny sense of comic timing?

  6. yobbo Says:

    Thanks for the kind review Jason. I think the pauses are more of a result of me trying to think of something to say rather than anything else. I only wrote down the names of people to apologise to, and made the rest up as I went. It’s strange but even though my only audience at the time was a golf ball-sized camera, I was still quite nervous.

  7. Rafe Says:

    Well of course you would be nervous, the whole world will soon be watching….!

  8. […] A great video, that others have already linked to by Yobbo.  If you’ve not clicked through – do yourself a favour. […]

  9. Nabakov Says:

    That was bloody funny. Great deadpan delivery and timing. At first I thought the off camera eyeline was not working but by the end it sorta felt like watching a hostage video. All that was missing was you holding up the frontpage of today’s paper to show you were still alive.

    More please. And keep the webcam off centre. I know it wasn’t planned like that but it works.

  10. observa Says:

    This narcissistic, RWDB Yobbo is not fooling the intrepid Media Watch sleuths at Aunty. Nor will all the bloggers who believe it because they want to. Prepare to be exposed and shamed the lot of you!

  11. whyisitso Says:

    Sam, can you set one up for me? I’d like to apologise for criricising Nicholas Gruen for his “preciousness” just because he’s a precious prat.

  12. Sukrit Says:

    Great stuff, keep it coming!

  13. sam – technical details please. brand and model of Cam, mic etc? Size – file not dick.

  14. yobbo Says:

    It’s just a cheap webcam, brand name “elegance” that I borrowed from my flatmate. No idea what kind of microphone it is.

    Original File (.avi) size was 300MB (!) compressed to 2.91MB with “Windows Movie Maker” in .wmv format. Capture software was “Amcap”, which I think comes standard with Windows, or at least with DirectX 9.0.

  15. apology accepted – very kind of you

  16. Zoe Says:

    That was a brilliant effort.

  17. Jono Says:

    Why did you apologise to Greenpeace and PETA ?!

    Ok, I’m starting to see this is sarcastic.. in the extreme 🙂

    I didn’t have to wait for the “jackboot of the fascist Howard regime” line to figure it out.

  18. you are forgiven.

  19. carneagles Says:

    Superb comedic timing, even if it wasn’t intentional.

  20. fat chick Says:

    It’s not genetic, i’m GREEDY. Now fuck off & let me get back to the Paterson’s chocolate eclairs.

  21. Scott Says:

    Andrew Bartlett accepted your apology? I never knew he was a Qantas flight attendant.

  22. underscore Says:

    You left out the West Coast Eagles. Your life has definitely been foreshortened.

  23. Hammy Says:

    So sincere. You managed not to crack a smile in 2:47 of reverse-contemptuousness, if that’s such a word. Bit of a piss-take on “My name is Earl” don’t you think. Well done Yobbo. The next vid might have some naked Asian ladies in it, I assume.

  24. Laura Says:

    Funny stuff Yobbo.

  25. MC Says:


    Be happy that you live in WA and they only ‘tell’ you that you’re dying. In QLD they pay doctors to kill you!

    Tell the truth now, PETA…you meant it.

    Well done!

  26. tom Says:

    what did qantas hosties do to you? come fly eith me, we’re not so bad 🙂 you look like my cousin, are we related?

  27. DanW Says:

    SCOTT: Andrew Bartlett was previously a flight attendant with QANTAS. He didn’t make it into VirginBlue because of his obese femininity.

  28. […] Yobbo’s video apology has made it to ABC radio. […]

  29. pre-dawn leftist Says:


    Boy, you’re game admitting you voted for Howard in such a public forum.

    The battlers will come to get you when their false paradise ends.

  30. […] A friendly message from a fellow Youtuber: Hi, don’t know how I came upon your video, you know how one, runs into a few others and well, I watched yours. We’re all going to die one day, but I get the idea that you know you are soon. I don’t know why you are sorry to Christians, and very, very sorry to “Muslims”, but that doesn’t matter. I’m sorry you are dying and it was nice that you said your “sorries” to all those you felt you needed to say them to, it was a very mature thing to do and God Bless you, I’ll pray for your soul. I’m sure you are going to Heaven. God forgives those who are truly sorry for whatever sins they have committed and being the forgiving God that he is, I’m sure he’ll be waiting for you with open arms. […]

  31. the reverse Says:

    Yobbo I could see you almost smirking after you saw each naame to apologise to.

  32. Melee Says:

    I just want to shove cherries up her bum.

    Eclairs bah..

  33. Angel S. Says:

    I cried, I laughed, I may have peed myself too!

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  36. Bridget Says:

    I think you are my perfect man.

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