Derby Reminder

With the Derby coming up on Sunday, a friendly reminder to all Freo supporters lucky enough to have tickets to remember the spirit of sportsmanship and boo Chris Judd no matter who wins.

Hopefully if you make him cry, he might be encouraged to shut up about global warming and the middle east.

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7 Comments on “Derby Reminder”

  1. Blandwagon Says:

    You take that back, Yobbo. How dare you doubt the experience and wisdom of a man who’s been out of high school for five whole years, and spent most of that time either chasing a ball across some grass, or training to chase a ball across some grass!

  2. Bill Calvin Says:

    Hey Yobbo, FFS get your link at Tim Blair’s site updated, it gave me the shits having to come here via that prick Jeremy Sear’s site.
    Bill Calvin.

  3. yobbo Says:

    Bill: Add to favourites! I tried asking Tim, he didn’t listen.

  4. fremantle Says:

    If only Chris Judd was both PM, Chairman of the UN Security Council and head of the AFL, all of the world’s problems would be solved.

    C’arn the Dockers – maybe McManus can knock some sense into Juddy

  5. observa Says:

    You gotta love his bit about no incentive for bottom sides to win. As Bucky Cunningham was wont to say- When you’ve got your head over the ball in a pack you’re not exactly thinking if I do well here I mightn’t get to play with Bryce Gibbs next season and gee now I know how those Iranians feel about nukes incentives(with some apologies to Bucky Cunningham here)

  6. Hey Yobbo,

    Why don’t you know that to be an expert in ACGH (antropogenically caused global heating) all that requires is that you graduated to grade 2?

    I know because my daughter told me. And she is a top grade 2 student. And I believe everything she tells me.

    OK, she is much nicer girl than that. Juddy learned it from his girl.

  7. Andjam Says:

    How about demoting Judd from sport to being a politics prof, and raising the IQ of both fields? I haven’t heard any other people suggest that maybe Iran is playing up just to increase the price of oil.

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