No Bias At The West Either

The unofficial West Coast Eagles fan daily that calls itself “The West Australian”, publishes this drawing of Fremantle vs West Coast fans in its derby preview article.


Notice the West Coast fan – clean shaven, young, and his mouth is only a little open – presumably this guy is only reacting to the screaming started by the demonic, bearded feral of a Fremantle fan, whose mouth is open so wide that he looks like he is a psychopath with a taste for human flesh.

It must be killing the sports writers at the West to know that Fremantle are doing well this year. It makes their consistent bias in favour of West Coast look even more stupid than usual.

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14 Comments on “No Bias At The West Either”

  1. Troy Says:

    You might be reading into this a little much

    Besides its true. More ferralls/hippies barack for Freo. Its a fact. Have you ever been down there? Its hippie central

  2. yobbo Says:

    Not everyone who barracks for fremantle is actually from Freo.

  3. Troy Says:

    I know that but people who do live in freo generally do go for freo and they are ferals and hippies. So that menas that freo has more hippies and ferals in their supporter base

  4. yobbo Says:

    I really doubt that is true, since West Coast have far more supporters across WA and most hippies/ferals in WA live in places other than Freo.

    It is certainly true though that West Coast supporters like to label us as hippies and ferals, as can be seen in the picture. Hence this post.

  5. Aussie Dave Says:

    I think you are reading way too much into it. But I guess it reflects your passion for Freo, and supporters’ passions for their clubs help make Aussie Rules the great game that it is.

    Having said that..Carn the Eagles!

  6. carneagles Says:

    Looking like a “psychopath with a taste for human flesh”?

    It’s worse than that – he looks like John Butler.

  7. Tony.T Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – here and now.

    Living as a Victorian in WA was a nightmare once West Coast came into being. The parochial blanket coverage was just stupid, and an insult to anyone who didn’t share in the dubious delights of the WA media’s juvenile cheerleading.

    I’ve no love for Freo, it’s doubtful there’s ever been a team that goes more over the top in their celebrations, and I would probably detest them if I was back in WA. But I loathe West Coast and hope they never ever win another premiership.

    (I dread to think what it’s like living in Adelaide.)

  8. observa Says:

    (I dread to think what it’s like living in Adelaide.)
    Well it’s like this Tony T. There is one real team and then there is a bunch of chards sippers and their team of many colours they cobbled together because they all got sick of getting their soft shiny bums kicked off the park every September when Port Adelaide really came out to play. The one true team and then there is ‘the rest’ commonly referred to as a murder of crows and murder them regularly we did until they got some slick lawyers to keep us out of the AFL while they took our Norm Smith medallist like Andy Mcleaod to show them how to win a flag or two. You might have noticed that not even this skullduggery and slick lawyers could prevent the real cream rising to the top though.

  9. Tim K Says:

    Well Tony T, I agree with you on the blanket coverage of West Coast this and West Coast that. As another ex-Vic that has lived in WA, I’m never going back.

    The one thing I always remember was that when West Coast lost, on Channel 9 weekend news, they were never “beaten”, “thumped” or even “soundly thrashed”. Bob Harnett (I think that was his name – the dude with the mo) always reported West Coast as “going down” to whatever team beat them. Even f it was by 10 goals.

    And, while I’m ranting, f*ck West Coast supporters and their monopoly of Subiaco tickets during finals. Gee, I’m glad Sydney beat them last year.

    Wow, I feel better already

  10. yobbo Says:

    It’s not really West Coast’s fault that Subi only holds 43,000. Everything else is their fault though, including high fuel prices.

  11. observa Says:

    Yeah go Freo! Anyone but the bloody Crow chardsippers and we all like to see a new mugholder if our particular mob can’t get there hands on it.

  12. gaz Says:

    “Well Tony T, I agree with you on the blanket coverage of West Coast this and West Coast that.”

    You’re both right. You’d think a guy losing a kidney or having his knee destroyed would be quite a big deal but no, all we’re hearing about is the derby.

  13. Hammy Says:

    It would be a little too much to expect the Worst Australian not to be biased, wouldn’t it?

    I would have to say that the Freo supporters are more passionate, if not more feral, but West Coast supporters have no idea about the rules. Their one-eyed behaviour and scant knowledge of how the game is umpired is shameful. Freo supporters enjoy the game more for what it is rather than for being part of the chardonnay set.

    Have to agree with Tim K that the Eagles never get “hammered” by the media. Wonder what the report was like when the Bombers won by 140 points a few years back?

    Go Bombers. Go a bit bloody harder.

  14. carneagles Says:

    On the plus side, we never generalise like you Docker pricks.

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