Lid Well And Truly Off

newlogokk0.jpgWas the sound on our TV broken yesterday or did the 43,000 fans at the derby not make a fucking peep after half time?

Even funnier was the comical endless looping of that West Coast ad after every Fremantle goal.

If it wasn’t for the 10 free kicks in the first quarter, West Coast probably wouldn’t have scored all day.

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One Comment on “Lid Well And Truly Off”

  1. observa Says:

    Freo must be where all that Karma has gone from the Crows at the business end of the season. The poor bastards are running round like headless chooks regretting how they called Port a bunch of chokers. Not so easy being the hunted and interminably dissected at the top of the table they’ve found to their dismay now. They’re trotting out their injury woes upsetting their team balance and the like. Funny how that didn’t cut much ice with Port losing key players like Paxman, Wakelin, James, Primus and Francou at critical times. You need an ounce of luck and timing to win a flag and the Crows certainly had that in spades in 97 and 98. Luck has a habit of evening itself out as Crows fans are finding now. As Neil Craig would say-‘It’s all part of the process’. Freo might just have timed their run to perfection.

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