Insert Rolling Stones Pun Here

Keith Richards is still one step ahead of the law:

Police have confirmed Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards will not be fined for lighting a cigarette on stage.

The star appeared to flaunt Scotland’s smoking ban after lighting up during a concert at Hampden Park last Friday and his actions were reported to Glasgow City Council.

However, environmental officers decided the stage at the stadium does not fall under the enclosed public place criteria specified by the ban.

Keith apologises here, almost as well as I did.

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2 Comments on “Insert Rolling Stones Pun Here”

  1. acuroruscarp Says:

    Sono nuovo qui,
    voi generato brillante atmosfera 😀
    Qualcuno qui era ottenuto legga circa fuori corso .
    Tuoi corsi nostri corsi formazione progetti ragazzi prodotti formazione corsi formazione corsi a sulluso truffe office o vicino telefono..
    Mmm.. Noi bisogno scelga sano luoghi su corsi di aggiornamento.
    Supponga, cercato poco ..

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