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Girl Friday

September 1, 2006


OK, so she’s not the hottest girl friday we’ve ever had, but does anyone know where this shed painted as the Australian flag is?

Update: Here

You Couldn’t Pay People To Live Here

September 1, 2006

“The Arse End Of The Anglosphere” may be this blog’s official title, but it’s not really any secret that Perth is the arse end of the entire world. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you’ll have seen numerous reasons why.

How bad? When John Howard announced a potential incentive to NSW jobseekers of $5,000 to move to WA, The West Australian asked for some responses:

The West Australian dangled the relocation carrot in front of a dozen locals as they emerged from the Centrelink office in Liverpool, which the Government singled out yesterday as a target suburb with a jobless rate of almost 10 per cent.

Almost all had the same reaction: $5000 is not enough to pack up and Go West. Why would anyone want to go that far away? What about their families? What if they got to WA and lost their jobs? Why don’t they get workers from overseas?

“It must be a pretty bad job if you can’t get anyone to do it,” said Brett, who had been out of work for three months and said he would “do pretty much anything” for a job, except move to WA.

Pretty much anything is a lot of things. He’d rather suck a cock than move to WA. He’d rather eat shit than move to WA, rather stick a needle in his eye. You get the picture. It’s not an uncommon sentiment.

Several people were so strongly opposed to the idea of being paid to move to WA that their reactions could not be printed.

They must really hate the place over there. The funny thing is that while Sydneysiders don’t seem to like Perth, Victorians move over here in their thousands every year. It must be the warm weather.