Government Steals From Citizens

Despite the $750 million in extortion proceeds they receive each year, the ABC is still on the bones of its arse, to the point where they are reduced to stealing:

I heard a part of Yobbo’s ‘I’m sorry’ speech this afternoon on an ABC radio show on blogging. You’ve hit the big time Yobbo.

The least they could do is tell me when they are going to put me on radio so I can listen in. Tax eating motherfuckers.

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5 Comments on “Government Steals From Citizens”

  1. Blandwagon Says:

    Tax eating motherfuckers.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the new ABC motto.

    It’s certainly clearer and more direct than that neo-marxist wank about ‘everybody’s ABC’.

  2. Jason Soon Says:

    ‘Tax eating motherfucker’

    You owe Mr Graeme Bird some royalties there.

  3. Me! Says:

    Sue the pricks! Hang’s taxpayer funded isn’t it?

  4. ozrisk Says:

    Surely “Government Steals From Citizens” is a headline in a class with “Sun Rises in Morning”, “GMB Comments on Catallaxy Thread” or “Yobbo Enjoys Appearance of Attractive, Young, Asian Cheesecake”.

  5. Ronia Says:

    Government steal citizens is very interesting topic.

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