$750 Million A Year For This?

This tagline from a music story on the ABC news website:

Hot favourites, the Arctic Monkeys, are shock winners of the Mercury music prize in the UK.

Maybe this is special ABC logic I don’t understand?

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6 Comments on “$750 Million A Year For This?”

  1. Me! Says:

    Maybe there were sub-classes of winners? Like “Most likely to win if Robbie Williams gets shagged too much and can’t get out of bed” or “Favourite to win if James Blunt is bludgeoned to death by some dumb fuck who’s sick of his monotonous singing”.

    Eh! It’s the ABC. I gave up trying to figure out their logic years ago.

  2. barry Says:

    If you’d RTFA you’d see why they used that headline.

  3. Me! Says:

    I rarely read links. Especially those to or about the ABC.

  4. Orpheus Says:

    The BBC’s headline was “Mercury shocks by honouring favourites”. It’s like a modern art gallery giving a prize to a painting that looks like its subject.

  5. Me! Says:

    So what you’re saying is that the ABC ripped the BBC’s headline off and changed it a bit?

  6. Orpheus Says:

    Pretty much, yeah. So who should feel more aggrieved, the British or Australian taxpayer?

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