Steelers Win!

Mansion Casino loses 5.5 million on their free bet promotion. Anyone who was in on this ridiculously good deal is now $1000 US dollars richer after the Pittsburgh Steelers accounted for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL approxiamately 1 hour ago.

Congratulations to all you lucksacks who had enough in your tank to place a bet.

Update: Ha-Ha!

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11 Comments on “Steelers Win!”

  1. I had the cash but no way of depositing it and my dad didn’t believe it was a real deal. “If it looks too good to be true it usually is son” was the line he took. Yeah, ta dad, could be Ā£560 up today!

  2. yobbo Says:

    You couldnt use Neteller?

  3. It’s complicated Yobbo. I’m an undischarged bankrupt so I have no facilities other than my bank account and a cards to withdraw cash. The only way to fund my neteller is by request of my bank and it takes me 5-7 business days to do, by this time they’d capped the bet!

  4. yobbo Says:

    Yorkshirepuddings: Can’t you get a “debit card” or whatever they are called.

    The deal with those is that you get a card that has a number just like a credit card, and can be used at online stores or over the phone as a credit card can – the difference is you don’t actually get a line of credit with it, it just takes funds directly out of your account.

    I’m not sure if you have them in the UK, we have them in Australia.

  5. ChrisV Says:

    I doubt they actually lost 5.5 million, my guess is they would have had the bet half laid off so that either way they lost 2.75 million or so. Still a hell of a lot to be paying for uncertain return. I’m sure they attracted a few whales, but they also attracted a hell of a lot of advantage gamblers. Are those 5,000 people they pulled to the site, plus the additional publicity, REALLY going to pay back that 2.75 million? I have severe doubts.

    PS die. I hope everyone who won this bet gets hit by a bus.

    Also, how about using that money to pay me back? šŸ˜€

  6. yobbo Says:

    I didn’t place the bet either. I will pay you back when you get home anyway tho šŸ™‚

  7. drscroogemcduck Says:

    farrrk. can’t believe i missed this one. was there any wagering requirements after the bet?

  8. ChrisV Says:

    Nope. 100% freebie.

  9. I can’t have a debit card as 99% of them have an overdraft facility and I’m not allowed any debt of any sort either until I am discharged in April 07, it’s a real pain in the arse! I can’t even pay for my car insurance in installments as I have to have written permission to have any credit over Ā£500! Only good thing is I am not allowed to pay tax on my income during this period too which has to be +EV!!

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