Howard Not Hated?

In another survey that shows just how far out of touch the Howard-hating left are, Who Weekly’s “most hated” list doesn’t even rank John Howard in the top 50! Politicians don’t get off scott-free though, with Robert Mugabe, George Bush and Pauline Hanson all making the top 25.

Funnily enough, the perennially hated Yoko Ono and “That Guy” also nudge out a quartet of Islamic Nutjobs (Abu Bakar Bashir, Osama Bin Laden, Inzamam Ul-Haq* and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)

Even our own Thorpedo is more hated than John Howard.

Also amusing is the fact that Pete Murray and Jack Johnson share the number 6 spot. I had always suspected they were the same person too.

* Dean Jones told me to write this.

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13 Comments on “Howard Not Hated?”

  1. hc Says:

    Apart from Sir Bob Gelding I don’t dislike – let alone hate – anyone here. John Howard is amazingly popular – particularly among the young – because he has been around so long and because he has come to resemble DAD.

    He is also the greatest Ausatralian PM since Menzies (not much competition from the Labor Party riff-raff) and may eventually topple him – he has has done more to reform the economy than Bob.

  2. Orpheus Says:

    Even the Brand Power lady?

  3. Boris Says:

    Who the hell hates our national hero Lleyton Hewitt?

  4. yobbo Says:

    Andrew Mcleod sure does.

  5. Tim K Says:

    Yobbo, Just pointing out the typo, “Zoo Weekly” and not “Who Weekly”. I thought another mag was producing the same list for a second there.

  6. Purple Dragon Says:

    There’s no point in looking after the economy when the people are suffering, hc. And by introducing those industrial relations laws, he insured that I would pelt him with forks if i could.

  7. yobbo Says:

    Did you lose your job because of those reforms PD?

  8. Troy Says:

    I hate that woman on the Australia Pensioners Insurance Agency ads

  9. Troy Says:

    and I hate Robert Walls and just about every other footy commentator except for Dennis Commeti

  10. yobbo Says:

    Robert Walls would probably be my number 1. I’m still tossing up between him and Osama.

  11. guy smiley Says:

    Howdy Yobbo…

    The fact that Howard doesn’t cut the top 50 must reflect the overwhelmingly apathetic nature of the man’s influence. He’s just so bloody unimaginatively… aww hell, even words can’t be bothered.

  12. Patrick Says:

    I want a boring, vague, looks-like-my-dad kind of guy for PM. I don’t want someone who is “Charismatic”, that just means he might do something, and the less government the better.

    So I’m happy with Howard. And I wouldn’t mind old Kim either (though he doesn’t look like my dad) except that Kim comes with a bunch of other people, some of whom are not desirable at all.

  13. Ree Says:

    Lol, Troy, I agree. I also can’t stand the GE money genie.

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