All Australian Farce

The 2006 AFL All Australian Team team is:
Backs N Bassett D Glass L Gilbee
Half Backs C Bolton J Bowden A McLeod
Centres S Goodwin S West A Goodes
Half Forwards A Didak B Hall (vc) R O’Keefe
Forwards B Johnson (c) B Fevola N Riewoldt
Ruck B Lade C Judd B Cousins
I/change S Burgoyne D Cox J McDonald M Pavlich

Top 4 teams Home/Away

1. West Coast (4 players)
2. Adelaide (3 players)
3. Fremantle (1 player, on the bench)
4. Sydney (4 players)

According to East Coast judges, Fremantle’s finish in the top 4 this year is either due to

A:) Such an even team effort that no one person can be singled out


B:) The most herculean solo effort in the history of football by Matthew Pavlich.

Alan Didak (41 goals) gets a game as the designated goal sneak ahead of Jeff Farmer (50 goals) and Mark Williams (60 goals). It’s anyone’s guess what the thinking was here. My first though was that Collingwood must have 1 player selected or they will riot, but surely James Clement or Ben Johnson is more deserving of a spot if that was the case.

At least 2 of Shane Parker, Peter Bell and Jeff Farmer should have made this list. If anything Bell and Farmer’s seasons have been better than Pavlich’s, but as you can see by the selection of Andrew Mcleod, some players just get selected every year if they can manage to run through the banner at least 15 times in a year.

It’s pretty tough to separate Pavlich’s Season from Riewoldt’s, which makes me wonder how they decided which of them got the honour of being named on the field. I’m guessing it wasn’t a coin flip.

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7 Comments on “All Australian Farce”

  1. Liam Says:

    Agreed. Riewoldt is only there because if he weren’t he might have cried.

  2. Boris Says:

    Who the All Australian Team is going to play against?

  3. yobbo Says:

    Australia plays a series of a modified code once a year against Ireland, which is like a blend of Australian rules and Gaelic football. However, the side that plays in that series is not usually this side, due to training committments, injuries and the different nature of the game. The modified series uses a round ball, for instance, so most of the AFL players with a soccer background get a call up and they leave the big strength players at home in favour of running types.

    This list is basically just for honour, a recognition of the best players of the year in their respective positions.

  4. Troy Says:

    Glass deserves to be there. So does Farmer

  5. Ash Says:

    4 west coast eagles? i wonder if that has anything to do with chris mainwaring being on the panel. Any one else think Matthew Scarlett would of been a more appropriate fullback over glass? from memory his stats were better. and he definetly kept barry hall to less goals 🙂

  6. the reverse Says:

    Do not worry. The real indigenous game is having at international tournament at the end of the year, so you can support the proper Australian football team than when they take on GB and NZ.

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