Fat People Still Not Sexy

I’m sure this same thing happened last year:

AUSTRALIAN Idol judge Kyle Sandilands has been slammed by the Victorian Government after he said a 17-year-old contestant needed to lose a “jelly belly”.
Victoria’s Youth Affairs Minister Jacinta Allan said Mr Sandilands’ remark was humiliating and had the potential to do significant psychological damage to all the young people in the audience.

“Kyle sent a message to millions of young viewers dreaming of a career in the music industry – don’t bother if you’re not stick thin,” Ms Allan said.

Sounds like good advice to me. Apart from Pavarotti and Aretha Franklin, how many fatties have recording contracts?

Besides, aren’t we currently in a “war against obesity” or something in this country?

It’s one thing not to tease fat people. It’s another thing entirely to give them false hopes of being a music video superstar if they simply aren’t physically attractive enough. The name of the show is “Australian Idol“, not “Look, A Fat Chick With A Nice Voice!”.

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34 Comments on “Fat People Still Not Sexy”

  1. Hammy Says:

    Idol is a lot about image and the jelly belly isn’t all that marketable. Kyle’s comment was made with good intentions. Surely wardrobe can do something about and still make her look appealing.

  2. the reverse Says:

    Didn’t a fat chick win it one year?

  3. bbcc Says:

    oz must be the only country where a fat chick would win this kind of show

    what ever happened to freedon of expression?

  4. Ree Says:

    Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands looks like a young Bert Newton AND he has sandy eyebrows – I don’t know how he can presume to hang s@#t on someone else for their appearance. lol.
    It seems like Australians are becoming increasingly cruel in their comments re. overweight people. We can’t hang it on someone for their race or sexuality, so let’s get stuck into the fat bastards.
    It’s cheap, it’s nasty, and smacks of a fuckwit mentality!

  5. Hugh Says:

    You can’t change the race you’re a part of. Your sexuality is increasingly accepted as being pre-determined, ie not consciously chosen, and not harmful to your existence (unless you’re into that kinda thing…). But once you get past a certain age, being fat is a choice. And like it or not, our culture’s not big (ahem) on fat people. But then, maybe the fact we’ve had to tone down other prejudices means fatties are more likely to cop it. I guess I just don’t have much respect for people who don’t go to some effort to look after themselves; I drink and smoke, but I try to make up for those vices by exercising and eating well.

  6. Captain Wacky Says:

    Sure did, The Reverse. Casey Donovan was the name. Big fat arse as wide as an ox-cart. Huge droopy tits that sagged all the way to her enormous bloated gut. Dimpled, pock-marked thighs as thick as the trunk of an oak tree. Quite fancied her actually.

  7. Sounds like a typical Girl Friday pin-up.

  8. Nilk Says:

    Kyle is a repulsive, smarmy git, and the reason I listen to Vega and don’t watch Idol.

    Okay, old age is another reason for listening to Vega.

    As for the girl he slagged off, I checked out some pics, and she doesn’t look fat. Okay, she’s not scrawny, but she’s a long way from obese. She looks remarkably normal to me.

    I’d just like to add that Kyle Sandilands has a face that screams “Glass me!”

  9. flutterby Says:

    No wonder the age of our budding new models and beauty pageant-ees are getting younger. It’s comments like those of Kyle Sandilands that influence the many young girls that watch the show or hear about ‘fat… jelly… canteen lady arms or whatever’ to want to wear makeup, cushioned bras, heels, go one diet (yes true) and ask their mum’s “when am I gonna have boobs like yours”.

    Sure, the war on obesity is still ablaze, but is publicly humiliating anyone who’s trying to do something for themselves and probably already self-conscious the way to combat this?

  10. dez Says:

    Of course, we can all provide comment/criticism because we are so good looking and sexy … lol


    ps. Kyle would not know what to say if Mark didn’t speak first.

    pps. Heavy D (from Heavy D and the Boyz), Fat Joe and Pavorotti disprove the theory that fat people can’t make it in the music business.

  11. Captain Wacky Says:

    Those are all men, Dez. Men can look however the fuck they want.

  12. yobbo Says:

    Plus Heavy D and Pavarotti don’t get a lot of MTV time. I have no idea who “fat joe” is.

  13. Boris Says:

    Yobbo your blog is so hilarious I can’t understand why I go to ay other blogs. So hilarious that it is even visited by people (small minority) who completely lack sense of humour (see one or two people above…).

  14. Darlene Says:

    Although I run the risk of being accused of being a feminist who lacks a funny bone, Kyle actually said the girl in question needed to dress appropriately for her shape. Of course, he’s right about that because you could see the little rolls under her tank top.

    Now, I will try to tell a joke: “A person of non-determinate gender walked into a bar…and the bar tender said, “Now, we call all go read Germaine Greer”.

  15. Nilk Says:

    Darlene. I must be a feminist with no sense of humour, because that cracked me up!

  16. TimT Says:

    “Kyle’s comment was made with good intentions. “

    I find it hard to believe that any comment by Sandilands is made with good intentions.

  17. I’m with yobbo. Huh?

  18. Darlene Says:

    Oh dear, I’ll have to explain my comment for some of those present.

    Boris made the following comment:

    “Yobbo your blog is so hilarious I can’t understand why I go to ay other blogs. So hilarious that it is even visited by people (small minority) who completely lack sense of humour (see one or two people above…). ”

    So, I utilised Boris’s comment to:

    1. Pretend I don’t have a sense of humour
    2. Make a point about what Sandiland’s said
    3. I then ended my comment by making a bad attempt at a joke to prove that I don’t have a sense of humour, and also mentioned a feminist (feminists, of course, are known for their senses of humour)

    Sigh!!! As David Brent said in The Office, there’s a weight of intellect to my comedy. Sometimes it’s wasted on the little people.

  19. Darlene Says:

    BTW, of course you got it Nilk, you’re not one of the little people.

    Oh, for the others, I’m being sarcastic. Sarcasm is the quality of being sarcastic.

  20. yobbo Says:

    I still don’t get it.

  21. El Says:

    hahah LOL
    this, i stumbled across randomly while searching for pictures of obese people, for no reason at all, just trying to overcome the mind numbing bordeom my job creates – this has brightened my day.
    Didnt really know what a BLOG is, still dont but if they are this funny i might have to keep on looking 🙂

  22. El Says:

    Oh and about the jelly belly comment, the chick isnt fat but she certainly is a bit chunky. So what tho…..yeah?
    You gotta admit if casey donavan was hot, she would probably be alot more sucessful as a singer.
    And what is wardrobe meant to do for them, if i remeber correctly, all they did to cover donovans huge gut was drape her in an unflattering moo moo….TERRIBLE!

  23. Darlene Says:

    Nothing I can do about that, Sam, nothing at all.

  24. Scott Says:

    Don’t worry Sam, it’s just a ‘girl thing’!

  25. Karlos Says:

    Why does australia have to settle for less? Always there are idol contestants with great voices and disgusting rolls of flab. Surely its not too much to ask to find a hot chick(or guy) with a good voice? Are they mutually exclusive, a model that can sing?

  26. Nilk Says:

    I’d just like to hear good singing for a change, instead of all the caterwauling that passes for ‘singing’ these days.

    Actually, I’d even pay to hear good singing.

    And yes, Scott, it was most definitely a chick thing.

  27. Ronin Says:

    There was a chick from the Moulin Rouge this time around, didn’t make the final cut.

    What a shame…I thought she was going all the way.

  28. bbcc Says:

    australia is a country of fat bastards

    but that still doesnt make it ok

    Eat less ok, trust me, its healthier

  29. weeeee Says:

    matt watt is fat!!!

  30. sarah Says:

    I think its distgusting that a person shall talk to a teenager like that! I am from England and not even Simon Cowell would talk to a young contestant like that and also encase you havent noticed the “in thing” is to NOT be thin! Big girls in the show buisness include MARILYN MONROE SIZE 16, MAMA CASS ELLIOT, AREATHA FRANKLIN etc we have even had a bigger girl win Pop Idol over hear in Great Britain either that shows that England is alot nicer than you Aussie’s or that the show Pop Idol is for people with great voices it is not a modelling competition!! so all i can say is AUSTRALIA GET WITH THE TIMES AND STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!
    Also some people can not help being overweight it doesnt always mean they eat too much I myself am thin and eat loads of junk and healthy food I can eat what ever I want but I still dont get fat however sum people eat healthy all the time and are constantley on a diet and eat one thing fattening and they can put on quite a few pounds! Quite a lot of big people have diseases like thyroid problems which put on weight and make them big and there is nothing they or anyone else can do about it! So I suggest you think about what you say next time and do your reaserch first!!!!!

  31. yobbo Says:

    You should do your own research in the dictionary love.

    also encase you havent noticed the “in thing” is to NOT be thin!

    Yes, I have heard that is the case in England.

  32. Anita Says:

    Kyle is sexy !!

  33. Princess josie Says:

    You’d BETTER be joking Anita! I know, each to his own, but that’s way past funny. This isn’t just about how he looks (although that is a major factor). He is a mean-spirited, shallow, smarmy psuedo music ‘expert’. Just because he was able to finance his stripper girlfriend’s song about a bra does not make him qualified to sit and cast judgement on people who have twice as much courage in their little toe as him. I appreciate they may not have talent but if he was the one telling me how to sing I’d laugh in his face. Watch him attempt to make a comment when none of the other judges have spoken before him. He is totally out of his depth and it’s insulting to the judges, particularly Dicko and Marcia, that DO know what they’re talking about.

    If he’s there for entertainment value, well, poor call by the producers. he only succeeds in making me want to throw my TV out the window. SEE I’m more rock n roll than he is.

    I cannot stress this strongly enough – EEwww!!!

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