Professional Head Kicker Gets On-The-Job Training

A bouncer who was kicked in the head while lying on the floor during a pub brawl in March says Perth has a yobbo culture which is getting worse.

Bouncers on the other hand, are delicate petals who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“It was a buck’s night and the buck got drunk and attempted to pour his own drink from across the bar,” Mr Lind said.

“We were getting him to walk out

Presumably by laying a trail of chocolates in front of him so he could follow them out the door…

and he made a lunge for the bar staff. We stepped in and his whole group just exploded.”

It really sucks when a blokes friends stick up for him and make it a fair fight. If there’s one thing bouncers hate, it’s having to deal with a crowd. They do their best work when its 3 or 4 large, sober bouncers against 1 drunk. Even up the numbers and they go crying to the newspapers.

“I didn’t want him to get a spent conviction because that would basically say if someone is on the ground you can have a free potshot at them and you can get away with it,” Mr Lind said.

Which a bouncer would never do, obviously. Because they are angels. This bloke has lost his job for doing something that bouncers do every weekend without fail and get paid for.

He said the violent behaviour displayed by drunken yobs was worse than when he entered the industry seven years ago.

I’ve been living in Perth for 12 years and I’ve never seen a group of patrons throw someone headfirst down a flight of stairs. I’ve seen bouncers do it though. Just Sayin’.

How The West can print this rubbish with a straight face is beyond me. Obviously nobody there has ever been to a pub. 99% of violence between bouncers and patrons is started by bouncers. They spend their whole lives waiting for an excuse to hit someone. You don’t become a bouncer unless you enjoy punching on.

One bouncer comes off second best because he was stupid enough to manhandle a bloke without first making sure he was an easy target and it makes The West. If pub patrons reported all the assaults by bouncers and The West printed those reports, the daily paper would be thicker than Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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13 Comments on “Professional Head Kicker Gets On-The-Job Training”

  1. Orpheus Says:

    On my way out of a pub once after a few too many ales, I threw up on the bouncer… fortunately I had just enough coordination to leg it before he had a chance to react. This wasn’t in Perth.

  2. Prefer to not use bouncers. Needless cost, a magnet for every would-be pug, and one has to do all the bouncer’s thinking for him, or else big trouble will result.

    However I DO USE trained guard dogs, ones that BITE. Amazing how attitudes change when it is likely the dogs will be released!

    There is a legislative push in Qld state parliament to make it mandatory for pubs to have bouncers after 7pm. I am resisting this with as much hard lobbying as I can.

  3. yobbo Says:

    Even if your main clientele are blow ins from the nearby bowling club? That’s ridiculous.

  4. Andjam Says:

    Would boycotting pubs be much of an option? Or starting up a lobby group of pub patrons?

  5. One can resist liquor alws in the ACT with rules with regards to a small number of patrons etc. What about WA?

  6. Scott Says:

    I don’t go to pubs with bouncers.

    If you need a bouncer you don’t need me.

  7. Yes Yobbo, regardless of who the clientele is, or how many of them, the Qld government requires any liquor licence which is open after 1am to have security guards on duty from 7pm onward.

    How to predict at 7pm what will be happening in 6 hours time?

    This is already law in the Brisbane postcode area, (& I believe also Gold Coast).

    Scott: Good point. However depends where you are. As mentioned above, in Brisbane you won’t be going to ANY pubs, as the law says they must have bouncers. However the law also says that those pubs must have digital security cameras, recording onto a hard-drive with 28 days of archive space. Bouncers must have a lily-white past (& a current first aid certificate) to get a licence. If their licence is suspended for any reason, they cannot work.

  8. yobbo Says:

    Sounds like a great employment creation scheme.

    Is there any regulation that says the bouncer can’t just be a hot door chick who couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag? You don’t have to actually beat anyone up to get a licence, right?

    • badpanda Says:

      “Is there any regulation that says the bouncer can’t just be a hot door chick who couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag? You don’t have to actually beat anyone up to get a licence, right?”

      OR even speak english. The number of curry munchers working security who cant fight or speak much english is scary

  9. Indeed there are petite female “licenced crowd controllers”.

    They pass the written exam, obtain the first aid certificate, fill out the application form, pay the FEE, and if they have nil criminal history they have a licence.

    A “crowd controller” is not supposed to grapple with unruly members of the public, and has no special powers. Indeed, they have only the same powers as any other pub staff. (i.e. able to use minimum required force to evict a person).

    The next pub to me has 3 sweet young things who are the size of a 15-year old. They wear their licence on their belt and walk around doing nothing. The licence document of the hotel stipulates that there be 1 licenced guard per 80 patrons after 11pm. The girls have a legitimate crowd controller licence. Thus the licence condition is adhered to, the public are “protected”, and the liquor licencing inspector is happy.

    Crowd Controllers (colloquially known as “bouncers”) in Qld are a sop by polticians, who believe that cracking down on “inappropriate service of alcohol” will reduce violence, burglary, anti-social behaviour, street crime blah blah blah.

  10. yobbo Says:

    Yup, just an employment creation scheme. Are they allowed to wear bikinis?

  11. Boris Says:

    I do not normally go to pubs (unless invited!) but I can’t see what is wrong with having security guards (crowd controlers, bouncers) in such establishments. Maybe the problem is that their behavour is poorly regualted? You would think that they should be at best in the same situation as police and should be fairly restrained or they will be targets of frequent law suits (and sacks by pub owners who don’t want to pay massive legal fees).

  12. badpanda Says:

    “99% of violence between bouncers and patrons is started by bouncers.”

    The question you need to ask is.

    How much more volience and fight would there be without bouncers.

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