Victorian Tourist Target Of Anti-Fuckwit Bigotry

Poor Wallsy. Why are people so unkind?

The locals view you with suspicion. When you walk the streets or boundary line in Brisbane or Sydney, the average football fan is friendly. In Adelaide, they like to banter and stir. It’s good fun. But in Perth, the dislike for Victorians is ingrained, so contemptuous, stares prevail.

People stare at you because you’re a fuckwit Walls.

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8 Comments on “Victorian Tourist Target Of Anti-Fuckwit Bigotry”

  1. the reverse Says:

    Never knew that there was so much rivalry in AFL. I suppose I just look at them as franchises but for you guys they are the real deal.

  2. Dylan Says:

    Dockers fans (like myself) hate the Eagles.

    Eagles fans hate the Dockers.

    Everyone hates Robert Walls.

  3. Troy Says:

    Dockers fans hate the Eagles but most Eagels fans like to see the Dockers do well.

    That was, until this finals series started and all you Dockers started behaving like cockheads. You’re not used to winning and you still havent learnt have to behave yourselves when you do.

    P.S. Robert Walls is a nob

  4. carneagles Says:

    Robert Walls has a huge amount of experience of VFL/AFL football at its highest levels, as a player, coach and pundit. He could provide insights into the game that no other talking head could match. Yet every week we see him make idiotic snap judgments, completely unresearched pronouncements and totally wrong calls – that is, when he’s not flat-out contradicting he’s said barely a few days previously.

    I reckon he’s been phoning it in for years now.

  5. observa Says:

    Actually as Victorian commentators go Wallsy is a fairly innocuous sample of the breed. He at least shows more than a fleeting knowledge of football west of Ballarat, which is more than you can say for most of them. Gerard Healy has to be the most virulent form of the disease.

  6. yobbo Says:

    You must be joking. Walls is by far the worst AFL Commentator in Australia. Daylight is second.

  7. Scott Says:

    Dunno Yobbs. Ever heard Drew Morphett?

  8. Jacko Says:

    Robert Walls is an absolute disgrace and you can all do something about him. Go to this site and sign the petition to have him sacked from Channel 10
    Footy Fans unite to make the journos accountable!

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