Soldier On

From Simon, the coup and subsequent martial law in Thailand haven’t had a huge effect:

The coup went largely unnoticed in Thailand’s popular tourist districts, where foreigners packed beer bars and cabarets oblivious to the activity about three kilometers away.

But word raced among street vendors hawking T-shirts, who packed up their carts and started heading home.

Morally Diminished is there, blogging the revolution.

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3 Comments on “Soldier On”

  1. hc Says:

    I was in Bangkok through two coups. The locals treated it as a bit of a lark. They bwere more concerned about the groceries.

    I remember being on a bus north of Don Muang airport when we were stopped by a group of soldiers carrying automatic weapons. I was, to say the least, a little concerned – the women on the bus just giggled as the soldiers moved down the isle. They left without incident.

    Later I realised it was probably an Asian way of dealing with tension. But generally the Thais are pretty cool. They’ve seen it all before. (There have of course been serious massacres in Bangkok by right-wing technical college students. People hanged and burnt in the street).

  2. Heh. Morally Diminished is a great blog, no? Talk about living the dream.

  3. Ronia Says:

    Great post. I am very glad to see this lovely posting.

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