Good Luck West Coast

A wellwishing message from your fellow sandgropers.

Update: Especially you.

Update: The empire strikes back

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13 Comments on “Good Luck West Coast”

  1. Troy Says:

    Watched the game on saturday with a friendf who works fo rthe Labor party. He was telling us tales of all the shit he gets from all the Dockers fans in the party. Appently all the Labor freaks barrack for Freo because they are supposedly a ‘blue collar’ team.

    Just one more reason to go for the Eagles and one more reason to vote Liberal

  2. Dylan Says:

    Love the song. Wish I could download it and play it long and loud!

  3. os Says:

    At least we’re in the GF Yobbo and even if we lose, we’re still proud of our club. And if we win, we’ll have the good grace to be humble about it.
    Troy’s right about the political influence, David Hatt, long time Labor hack, now back in the Premier’s Dept after making a typical mess as CEO down at Dockerland, replaced by Schwab, Carmen Lawrence Nbr 1 ticket holder (CARMEN LAWRENCE??? what a joke), Percy Johnson, life-long Liberal hater and big mouth, etc etc. Give me a list and I could finger the lot of them.

  4. the reverse Says:

    You guys really miss out over there with only AFL to follow.

    Take it from A Sydneysider, if the Victorian franchise wins here, nobody will care, because there is a real football game on the next night. If Sydney lose, nobody will care because there is a real football game on the next night.

    They should have kept the Reds going over there instead of letting the superleaguists get rid of it so that they could include Melbourne??????…..

    Oh well, best of luck with your Victorian game.

  5. Re. that “Hate you Eagles” song – I hate the way many Dockers fans posture their team as a working man’s club. What a load of old wank. Freo is chockablock full of yuppies and pinkos*, as is the Dockers fan base.

    *and mental patients and ferals

  6. yobbo Says:

    And West Coast is chockablock full of people who don’t know anything about football because they were the only team in an AFL dominated state for so long, so everyone joined up for mainly social reasons.

    I would posit that 60% of West Coast fans had never been to a game of football before West Coast were “created”.

    West Coast are the Backstreet Boys of the AFL. A pure marketing phenomenom with no soul.

  7. I think the difference lies in the pretence, ie. that 60% of the Eagles fan base wouldn’t deny that’s a fact.

    Unlike the oh-so-working class Dockers fans and their salt-of-the-earth posturing.

    (I personally identify as an Eagles supporter, but only by default – don’t really give a shit one way or the other)

  8. How are the WA and SA league teams going?

  9. yobbo Says:

    “(I personally identify as an Eagles supporter, but only by default – don’t really give a shit one way or the other)”

    Then you’re the worst kind of Eagles supporter.

    ABL: The what?

  10. Sam – don’t you think there’s something bizarrely 1984 about the way the Dockers fans *hate* the Eagles and their fans? Couple that with the constant harping on about their (I don’t think so) working class roots and their chippiness about the supposedly elitist Eagles (huh?? you seen the bulk of Eagles supporters on TV??), and I reckon the Dockers fanclub starts to resemble the union wing of the ALP. There’s such a lefty aura that many Dockers fans express in their general outlook regarding their team, as well as their rival. As an Aussie Rules agnostic but a West Aussie nonetheless, that alone is a good enough reason to give Freo the old heave-ho in favour of the West Coast.

    Having said that, I like the Dockers and support them if they’re playing anyone other than the Eagles.

  11. yobbo Says:

    No James. As you said you don’t really follow Aussie Rules, so you wouldn’t understand. Like most Eagles supporters, who follow them because they’re there and everyone else seems to be doing it.

  12. Actually, I think I’m rather more apathetic than most Eagles fans, who appear to be as fervent as Dockers fans or any other AFL team’s fans. The major difference between Eagles fans and Dockers fans is the latter’s bizarre pathological hatred of the former.

  13. Liam Says:

    I reckon the Dockers fanclub starts to resemble the union wing of the ALP.

    Such an analogy would make them pathological haters, plotters and destroyers of each other, not the opposition.

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