Miscegenation At The Movies

Foxtel is showing a repeat of Heaven’s Burning, a little known pre-Gladiator Russell Crowe film which has everything you could ever want in a film:

1. Russell Crowe being a bad motherfucker.
2. Stupid Cops.
3. Crazy Japanese motorbike killers.
4. Even crazier Muslim bank robbers.

And last but definitely not least, a healthy dose of miscegenation featuring Russell and Japanese Actress Youki Koduh.

In honour of this little-known Australian gem, here’s a short list of my favourite movies featuring white/asian couples:

Snow Falling On Cedars (Youki Kodoh again, this time with Ethan Hawke. She gets around, even by Japanese standards).

Kinamand – A divorced plumber deals with doldrums by making friends with the owner of the Chinese restaurant across the street. A proposition is made for the plumber to marry the Chinese guy’s little sister so she can get a Danish visa. Said sister turns out to be Vivian Wu. How lucky.

Stuck On You – Farrelly brothers comedy again takes the piss out of disabled people and manages to match Matt Damon up with a hot Chinese girl along the way.

Butterfly Man – required viewing for anyone thinking about visiting Thailand, even if it’s only so you realise there are better looking girls there than the ones you can find in Nana Plaza.

Bend It Like Beckham
– A promising movie about a hot Sikh girl sadly spoiled by endless scenes featuring soccer. Oh well.

And a special honourable mention goes to The Sleeping Dictionary. Probably the sexiest of them all, but it doesn’t make the list mostly because Jessica Alba is not actually asian at all (she’s mexican), but I think we can all agree to forgive her. The movie gets an honourable mention because when you see her norks in the movie, she’s using a Japanese body double. And Lo and Behold, that scene is right here. Enjoy.

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9 Comments on “Miscegenation At The Movies”

  1. Wow, a shopping list being posted, have added all this stuff to my wishlist.

    Yobbo, you should have provided links to the “add to shopping cart” page on Amazon and collected the commission from Amazon on any sales to your readers. Can add up to handy pocket money, as you receive commission on ALL sales made from accessing the link.

    Fuck imdb, go with Amazon’s kickbacks.

  2. Rob Says:

    That Sikh girl in B/I/L/B happens to now be a star on the US TV series ER. Her name is Parminder Nagra and yes, she is hot. Live’s in LA now.

  3. Bill Calvin Says:

    FFS Sam, fix your link from Tim Blair’s site, it is directing us to God know where.

  4. Brenda Says:

    Hello people,

    There’s someone promoting a stupid blog: http://chrisgoestomiami.blogspot.com don’t visit it – it’s definitely not worth it.



  5. the reverse Says:

    Alba was playing an Indian woman in that movie so that works as Asian.

  6. yobbo Says:

    No, she was playing a native from Borneo (Iban).

  7. Steve Says:

    You forgot American Yakuza (Vigo & Christina) and The Wind Cannot Read (1958, Dirk Bogarde & Yoko Tani)

  8. Annette Says:

    Isn’t they’re amazing girls?

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