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Your Cat Wants Emule

October 31, 2006

Slate argues that internet porn prevents rape:

Similarly, psychologists have found that male subjects, immediately after watching pornography, are more likely to express misogynistic attitudes. But as professor Kendall points out, we need to be clear on what those experiments are testing: They are testing the effects of watching pornography in a controlled laboratory setting under the eyes of a researcher. The experience of viewing porn on the Internet, in the privacy of one’s own room, typically culminates in a slightly messier but far more satisfying experience—an experience that could plausibly tamp down some of the same aggressions that the pornus interruptus of the laboratory tends to stir up.

This probably won’t strike much of a chord with the “rape is not about sex” crowd, but it could be an idea for how to keep the prowling cats at bay.

Girl Friday

October 27, 2006

Spot The Difference

October 26, 2006

A comparison of British and Swedish nightclubs. Find all 13 differences and win a prize.

Man Headbutts Road

October 26, 2006

Perth police are now branching out into comedy:

The man became agitated and aggressive when they tried to take him back to their station for a breath test, police said.

During a struggle, a police officer was kicked in the thigh.

“The man was taken to Fremantle Hospital for treatment to facial injuries after he headbutted the bitumen of the road several times,” police said.

Wow. He must have been really “agitated” to want to headbutt the road. Several times. Reminds me of those Scarborough riots when that kid headbutted the squad car window. Kids these days, huh?

He is expected to face Rockingham Magistrates Court today charged with assaulting a police officer, obstructing police and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Why aren’t they also booking him for damaging public property by headbutting the road? Hell, why bother with the small stuff? There’s an unsolved gold theft case still about. He probably did that too.

Midweek Youtube

October 25, 2006

Because I can’t wait until Sunday.

The AWB Are Camel-Raping Faggots

October 24, 2006

What possible solution could there be to this thorny dilemma?

DROUGHT-stricken wheat farmers will tomorrow get an offer they can’t possibly refuse – except that it would be illegal to accept it.

The Australian understands that bulk handler CBH will tomorrow offer wheat farmers about $270 a tonne for their wheat, to meet soaring demand in Indonesia and Malaysia.

But the offer cannot be accepted. Wheat farmers can only sell to AWB, which yesterday announced that its pool price would be somewhere between $245 and $255 a tonne.

Single desk supporters (I know there’s a few of you reading) – defend this if you can.

SMCC 1st Grade, 14/21 Oct 2006.

October 23, 2006

As part of a new internal club newsletter, all of the captains of Scarborough Cricket Club are asked to submit a match report for each game. This will probably be of limited interest to non-members, but I’ll put it up here anyway for your reading pleasure.

The scorecard for this game is available online here.

LDP Blog

October 23, 2006

The Liberal Democratic Party now has an official blog. This blog will post the LDP’s official policies, press releases on various issues and keep everyone abreast of LDP activities. Already posted are the LDP’s policies on traffic laws and smoking. Debate and discussion are welcome.

The G.O.P.’s Bad Bet

October 22, 2006

Charles Murray slams the internet gambling legislation:

Thus society is weakened every time a law is passed that large numbers of reasonable, responsible citizens think is stupid. Such laws invite good citizens to choose knowingly to break the law, confident that they are doing nothing morally wrong.

The reaction to Prohibition, the 20th century’s stupidest law, is the archetypal case. But the radical expansion of government throughout the last century has created many more.

Sunday Youtube

October 22, 2006

The movie scene that defined Generation X more than any other.

Cameron: I don’t know what I’m gonna do.
Sloane: College.
Cameron: Yeah, but to do what?
Sloane: What are you interested in?
Cameron: Nothing.
Sloane: Me neither!