Poverty Isn’t Charming

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11 Comments on “Poverty Isn’t Charming”

  1. Camoranesi Says:

    What if everything I thought about rightwing mining industry PR horseshit was right? What if “any growth=good growth” was a truly cretinous position to adopt?

  2. Dylan Says:

    I ordered the DVD after seeing it over on Tim Blair’s site. Looks like a ripper.

  3. “What if “any growth=good growth” was a truly cretinous position to adopt?”

    Then your pixie dust would be renamed “truth serum”.

  4. Steve Says:

    don’t think that you can disregard a film because of who may have supported it financially: we don’t dis’ Al Gore’s film because Lefty Idiots funded it, we dis’ it because it is full of crap.
    The underlying message of this film is correct; pull you head in and look at the arguments on a serious (not emotional) level.


  5. chidori Ashi Says:

    thats a hilarious piece of wto imf world bank horseshit.

  6. Patrick Says:

    “What if everything I thought about the envirnmental movement was wrong”? Well in that case they WOULDN”T be a bunch of neo-religious progress hating puritans who will be the next great threat after the Jihadis are dealt with.

    But it seems to me that the movie is saying that I was right about that.

  7. “thats a hilarious piece of wto imf world bank horseshit.

    Aha. Greenpeace et al., are in league with the La Rouchites, Christian millenialists etc.


  8. Everything I think about the environmental movement is absolutely, totally, 120% correct.

    Seem unimaginable that so many people are seemingly totally unaware of how stupid greenies are.

  9. Nabakov Says:

    Well I thought it was hilarilous. A brillant parody of the fact-free and cheap emotive tactics that so many extremist Green groups like PETA and the ELF use.

    More please.

  10. To the idiots on this thread, namely Chidori Ashi, Camoranesi and Nabakov (who should know better):

    The source of the movie’s budget might be germane to your objections if the movie’s content was false. However, we *know* that environmentalists working through widely respected, supposedly middle-of-the-road organisations like Greenpeace routinely and deceptively use the “we can’t destroy their pristine, bucolic peasant lifestyle” pretext in their campaigns against mining, logging, whatever. Only a fool would believe that they care a jot about these people and their way of life – the poor are merely pawns in the environmental movement’s grand project of halting development in the third world that they consider environmentally damaging.

    Your refusal to critique any factual content of the movie, whilst speculating over who bankrolls it or dismissing it as a propaganda effort, speaks volumes about your own ideological myopia.

  11. Camoranesi Says:

    Hi James. Good reasoned post there. Oh hang on!
    1. Is it just environmentalists that “tell the world’s poor how to work, how to live and even how to think”? As a supplementary question: who has more influence over the lives of the poorest people on the planet: greenpeace or the IMF?
    2. Environmentalists are necessarily against growth no more than industrialists are necessarily against the environment.
    3. The dude with the yacht is undoubtedly a twat.
    4. Do you really think when the flick was commissioned that it was created from a spirit of diligent, independent research? Oh, it’s a paid for puff piece, masquerading as something more investigative.
    5. I never suggested that such green groups give two shites about these folks. I just don’t think mining companies give two shites about them or the environment.
    6. The ‘any growth=good growth’ being cretinous remark is a very clear criticism of the content of that flick which you haven’t addressed.

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