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Rich Columnist Braves Club Med

October 17, 2006

Courageous Andrew Bolt chastises Australians for not going back to Bali:

At breakfast in our hotel I’d line up for an omelette alongside Japanese, Italian, Korean and French tourists. But no Australians, except one family from Melbourne at the end of our first week.

So we paid extra this time to stay in resorts with armed police and guards at every entrance, who inspect all cars for bombs. One Nusa Dua hotel even has a metal detector and bag searchers to check every guest.

So Andrew’s unnamed resort is full of Japanese, Koreans, Italians and French, but no aussies? And it’s located in Nusa Dua? The reason nobody else is going back is because they can’t afford $1200 for a week in Club Med, tosspot.

It’s pretty easy to feel like Rambo when you never have to leave the Club Med compound for anything. Next time take your wife and kids to a backpackers in Kuta and see how brave you feel.

Free Parking In Cronulla (For Whites)

October 17, 2006

Angelfire website worthy of newspaper article.

A MONOPOLY-STYLE board game has been designed to celebrate the race riots of last December in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla.

Called Cronulla 2230 – Win Back Australia, the game has been criticised by NSW Premier Morris Iemma for promoting racial intolerance.


“The object of the game is to become the wealthiest person in the Sutherland Shire through the buying, renting, and selling of property.

“The gaining of such wealth will enable you to fund patriotic organisations like Australia First and the Patriotic Youth League, so they can get into parliament and Win Back Australia.”

The funniest thing about this game is if that if all Australia First wanted was the chance to buy up the entire suburb of Cronulla and then move all their mates into the properties, that would be just fine. However, I am unsure how they could justify taking such arch-capitalist actions while simultaneously railing against “New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia.”

What would make it even more difficult would be having the money to buy all that property while simultaneously being sued to within an inch of your life by Hasbro.