Free Parking In Cronulla (For Whites)

Angelfire website worthy of newspaper article.

A MONOPOLY-STYLE board game has been designed to celebrate the race riots of last December in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla.

Called Cronulla 2230 – Win Back Australia, the game has been criticised by NSW Premier Morris Iemma for promoting racial intolerance.


“The object of the game is to become the wealthiest person in the Sutherland Shire through the buying, renting, and selling of property.

“The gaining of such wealth will enable you to fund patriotic organisations like Australia First and the Patriotic Youth League, so they can get into parliament and Win Back Australia.”

The funniest thing about this game is if that if all Australia First wanted was the chance to buy up the entire suburb of Cronulla and then move all their mates into the properties, that would be just fine. However, I am unsure how they could justify taking such arch-capitalist actions while simultaneously railing against “New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia.”

What would make it even more difficult would be having the money to buy all that property while simultaneously being sued to within an inch of your life by Hasbro.

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8 Comments on “Free Parking In Cronulla (For Whites)”

  1. Jason Soon Says:

    any party with the involvement of Jim Saleam the wannabe white supremacist Arab is bad news

  2. chidori Ashi Says:

    Cronulla is a shameful racist blot that the whole world witnessed.
    It required especially high levels of ignorance that even the education system wouldnt be able to produce.

  3. ignorant opinions Says:

    Cronulla and the rest of the shire is god’s own country to locals. You are not going to get anywhere with your attitude chidori, especially when it is so badly informed and ignorant.

    Oh and let us wonder how you would react(if you are a girl) to being “encouraged” to go “take a car ride” because you have bronze skin and are sunbaking topless.

    Or how about the simple fact that the Italian Iemma targetted one racial group following the riots and not the other?

    Oh, and Cronulla is not a racist blot. I would encourage you to go down along the beach regardless of your skin colour and enjoy the best of the Sydney beaches. Just do not go screaming that white people are racist etc. and you will be more than welcomed.

    If you think that those people were bashed because of their skin colour, than you are truly ignorant….

    On the game, it just shows how ignorant people from outside the sutherland shire really are, the patriotic youth league, or the communist party of Australia, would not get any time in the shire unless alcohol is being thrown around liberally.

  4. Fiona Says:

    ” The page you are attempting to access has been removed because it violated Angelfire’s Terms of Service.”

  5. chidori ashi Says:

    Yeah yeah…whatever. Im ignorant your ignorant. who really cares?

    Sad thing is International Newsweek construed it as white supremacy race riots and distributed this image across the globe fairly convincingly.

    When Australians who are privilege enough to be able to travel internationally get asked about it, what are we supposed to say?

    “the Italian Iemma targetted one racial group following the riots and not the other?”

    how do you think this would be conceived?

  6. Nilk Says:

    Chidori it would be conceived as Iemma pandering to a particular minority, same as seems to be happening all over the civilised world at the moment, that’s all.

  7. chidori Ashi Says:

    only in your small mind Im afraid

  8. ignorant opinions Says:

    Chidori, I could not give a f@&* about muslims or those people claiming that they are taking over the world etc.

    But just have a look at the rate of arrests and the attempts of apphrehension from last years riots and it was all racially based. The crimes were not.

    So to international people, explain the complexity of the situation and that the media could enrich itself and sensationalise the situation to the highest extent by presenting it other than what it was.

    Cronulla, apart from the jihad on the following nights, was really a non-event.

    If you want to shout racist things at a crowd of drunk bogans, that you simply are going to be confronted, whether it is at a hyped up event, or at a local pub.

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