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Spot The Difference

October 26, 2006

A comparison of British and Swedish nightclubs. Find all 13 differences and win a prize.

Man Headbutts Road

October 26, 2006

Perth police are now branching out into comedy:

The man became agitated and aggressive when they tried to take him back to their station for a breath test, police said.

During a struggle, a police officer was kicked in the thigh.

“The man was taken to Fremantle Hospital for treatment to facial injuries after he headbutted the bitumen of the road several times,” police said.

Wow. He must have been really “agitated” to want to headbutt the road. Several times. Reminds me of those Scarborough riots when that kid headbutted the squad car window. Kids these days, huh?

He is expected to face Rockingham Magistrates Court today charged with assaulting a police officer, obstructing police and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Why aren’t they also booking him for damaging public property by headbutting the road? Hell, why bother with the small stuff? There’s an unsolved gold theft case still about. He probably did that too.