Uncovered Meat Fights Back

Cats devouring uncovered meat? That’s not a story. Uncovered meat devours cat? Now that’s a story!


Click for bigger version.

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19 Comments on “Uncovered Meat Fights Back”

  1. AD Says:

    I am somewhat cautious about the current wave of mass media hysteria being generated around cats and imans.

    The term in English is “Bees to Honey” whilst in arabic the equivalent is “cats to meat”

    It strikes me that the Murdoch media is relishing itself in a bit of muslim bashing as a payback for the Pope being covered in brown stuff after quoting a historical figures views,

    I suggest we ignore all this mass media hysteria crap and get back to the serious job in hand, and that is “are this years bikinis smaller than last years?”. I am certain that this task will take a long time to complete.

  2. Blandwagon Says:

    Isn’t that the chick from The Grudge?

    I suppose if stray cats are the only ones still entering your haunted house, you have to work with what you’ve got.

  3. Andjam Says:


    If the sheik only claimed that skimpy clothing causes you to be raped, that’d be one thing (it’d be a hopelessly simplistic analysis even with the best of intentions).

    But to say that it’s their fault, and that women are Satan’s soldiers, to give the same excuses Bilal Skaf did, is totally unacceptable for a major religious leader.

  4. AD Says:


    I surfed the net for Bilal Skaf and found out he was a gang rapist who was sentenced to 50 years in prison, this was reduced to 32 years on appeal.

    Many christian preachers have made similar statements about modest clothing without the deluge of publicity and mass media hysteria. How many of them were compared with gang rapists?

    Todays Australians on-line story is “Sheik comments reflect ‘wider male view”, whats the next spin on this story going to be. They should just drop the dead donkey.

    I have a theory that if there were more bikinis in Canberra and the Australian newspaper there would be less spin and more substance.

  5. Andjam Says:

    I surfed the net for Bilal Skaf

    Out of curiosity, are you saying you haven’t heard of him before?

    Many christian preachers have made similar statements about modest clothing without the deluge of publicity and mass media hysteria.

    Examples please?

    How many of them were compared with gang rapists?

    Have you heard much about Hilaly either?

  6. AD Says:


    I am not in the habbit of memorising the names of rapists.

    Re Modest clothing see:


    Re Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly, its difficult not to hear about him in todays media.

  7. Steve Says:

    Christians’ take on skimpy clothing is not the same as Islam’s. If fact, it’s just good risk management: skimpy clothing may lead to some attacks-this is what happens in a fallen world. But the fact that the world has fallen does not absolve anyone from their duty to do right. And acting in an unwise manner is not a sin, it’s just unwise.

    A Christian preacher would not say it is the girl’s fault.

    The Mufti’s comments, I felt, were also against the grain of our general acceptance of property rights: it may be silly to leave meat out, but it is YOUR meat and if a stray cat tresspasses and eats it, you put down the bloody cat….

  8. Steve Says:

    …. and looking at the pic, it’s clear that it’s the cat’s fault: for daring to live in asia

  9. Ronin Says:

    The cats I’ve always known would take a very dim view to such treatment.

    I expect that we can play Tic Tac Toe on her face soon.

    Yes she does look like the nasty boy on the Grudge.

    He meowed too.

  10. Frank Blues Says:

    Hey! I googled girls eating pussy…this isnt what I wanna see.

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  12. Andjam Says:

    I’m ***** ****, the director of *********, a new high quality blogs directory

    If a cat eats spam, is it the cat’s fault, or the spam’s?

  13. Ronin Says:

    lets get this straight-
    japs eat cats and muslims f#ck pigs and dogs?
    im confused

  14. Cat eating another cat! That’s funny! And I think animal rights activists will not like these pics.

    LOL! For Annie Alba! And what does a cat eating another cat have to do with Rapists? LOL


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