My Bail Conditions

Not to enter the area bounded by Fitzgerald St, Beaufort St, Roe St and Newcastle St.

I am officially banned from Northbridge.

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8 Comments on “My Bail Conditions”

  1. Angie Says:

    Uh … details please.

  2. AD Says:

    What were you alleged to have done to attract such unwelcome attention.

  3. Strawman Says:

    >> Uh … details please.

    .. and futhermore, why didn’t you video the whole incident and put it up on

  4. Tony.T Says:

    Why would you want to go there, anyway?

  5. Titch Says:

    Elephant & Wheelbarrow involved?

  6. yobbo Says:

    I refused to obey a move on order.

  7. bullucci fan Says:

    adam is the greatest ever. he is the only batsmen at scarb to have a heart bigger than his cock!!!

  8. mdnilpws Says:


    xuhdlslyng fxpfqnbjmu tlxaysmse nnubdaqt

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