Scales Of Justice Update

I pled (plead?) guilty, received a $250 fine, $55 court costs and a spent conviction for my trouble.

Lesson learned: Cops can do whatever they want whenever they want.

Cost of lesson: $405.

Key Quote by Magistrate: “I don’t need to see the character references, the nature of the offense is such that they aren’t necessary”.

In other words, what a fucking waste of time.

Next post will feature some of the other interesting cases from my day in Perth Magistrate’s Court.

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50 Comments on “Scales Of Justice Update”

  1. AD Says:


    $250 + $55 = $305 yet you say it cost you $405, where did the other 100 go

  2. nick Says:

    So you stand around minding your own business and get slugged $405. Meanwhile, lazy unwashed people stand around at rent a crowd rallies, and get paid about the same amount to do nothing. Great.

  3. Aussie Dave Says:

    While it sounds like there was no way you deserved to pay even a cent, I am glad you were spared a lengthy trial, and possibly a much higher fine.

    I totally emphasize with you. Remind me to tell you some stories about my run-ins with bouncers during my Perth days.

  4. fremantle Says:

    The path of least resistance, eh? Where will you be when the revolution comes? Down the cop shop paying that jay-walking fine is my bet.

    Seriously, though, what are you going to do? No point flogging a dead horse.

    Should have turned the experience into a Bastardcard ad:

    Taxi to Northbridge… $50
    6 pints at a faux-Pommy boozer… $50
    Lipping up some bouncer and getting busted by the cops… $305

    Total cost of realising you live in a police state…


  5. yobbo Says:

    $100 on-the-spot fine for “refusing to leave licensed premises when requested”. Also bollocks, but since its like a parking fine with no conviction recorded, the cost of fighting it is more than the cost of paying the fine. And that’s the way they like it.

    • Panda Says:

      Key Quote by Magistrate: “I don’t need to see the character references, the nature of the offense is such that they aren’t necessary”.

      LOL what did you expect the Magistrate to say — of course the character reference are useless — because you were drunk at the time —

  6. “In other words, what a fucking waste of time.”

    Shit like this is what economists call deadweight loss. In other words, everyone is worse off and we’ll never get back the resources that it cost to finance this farce.

  7. Ian Says:

    Pisses ya off; but with a spent conviction yer off clean really. Somewhere down the track, when ya sittin’ o/s, $400 will seem cheap ta clear ya rap sheet… maybe steer clear of Bali 🙂

  8. pat Says:

    Too bad Yobbo. At least you weren’t thrown down a flight of stairs. I’ve seen that happen.

  9. ~$400 cheap entertainment for a week. and a story to tell forever.

  10. yobbo Says:

    I’ve seen it too Pat, which is why I rate bouncers on about the same scale as standover men.

    SXH: you’re right, being kicked out early probably saved me a couple of hundred anyway, 2 nights off the piss and I’m back sqaure.

  11. Tony.T Says:

    Ditto, FX. It’s almost worth getting arrested to have something to blog about.

  12. craig Says:

    Yeah that sucks but you aren’t the first to suffer the indignity of bouncers. There should be a law aginst poele who can discriminate randomly against people and assault those who want to stand up for their rights.

    (Surely you were verbally if not physically threatenned, otherwise thos bouncers were just not doing their job.)

  13. chidori Ashi Says:

    Sounds pretty typical of the Northbridge scene

  14. fremantle Says:

    There should be a law aginst poele who can discriminate randomly against people and assault those who want to stand up for their rights.

    No there shouldn’t.

    The bouncer was perfectly within a libertarian’s concept of property rights in ejecting Yobbo. Access to private property may be withdrawn at any time for any reason.

    What there shouldn’t be is a law that empowers police to move you on without due cause.

  15. “Access to private property may be withdrawn at any time for any reason.”

    I don’t think they went the right way about it, legally or ethically.

    • Panda Says:

      That is acutally 100% correct.. access to private property can be withdrawn at any time for any reason or even no reason at all.

      But in this case intoxication is the reaosn he was ejected.. and no police officer would dare tell a pub or club they must allow drunk people in

  16. Boris Says:

    Yobbo, why did you decide to plead guilty?

  17. fremantle Says:

    I don’t think they went the right way about it, legally or ethically.

    That may well be, but I specified a libertarian’s concept of property rights, legal and mob ethical considerations notwithstanding.

  18. Yobbo Says:

    The footpath is not private property.

    • PANDA Says:

      True but the law acutally says its an offence to remain in a license premsise AND the immidenate vicinity once you have been asked to leave.. And this is why the cops were called in.

      Of course once the cops give you a move-on notice.. they arent fucking around.. if they have issuse you a move-on notice ( which is legally binding) they are legally obligated to arrest you if you do not leave.

  19. fremantle Says:

    The footpath is not private property.

    But the bouncer didn’t eject you from the footpath, he ejected you from the pub, which is private property with public access granted by the owner. The cops did eject you from public property, and that is the aspect I object to. As much as I sympathise with your protestations of sobriety and acceptable presence at E&W, it doesn’t really matter why the bouncer kicked you out, as representative of the owner, he was within the owner’s right to do so. It was also within your right to stand on public property and dispute with said bouncer, but it was not within the police’s legitimate activities to lock you up. Unfortunately with a couple of pints under your belt and a strong sense of indignancy, you stepped on the wrong gang’s turf, the main problem being that this gang were the cops.

  20. Abu Zippy Says:

    So taking the classic conservative line that poeple who aren’t annoying, immature, drunken bush lawyers have nothing to fear from these laws, what’s your complaint?
    A petty boring story about a dull night at a turgid boozer. At least you’d have provided a moments amusment for the onlookers as you wasted my taxes.
    Geez it’s not like they sent you to Gitmo.

  21. murph Says:

    rule #37783

    Cops and bouncers are poofter cunts. They fuck each other at the YMCA.

  22. Abu Zippy Says:

    Thanks Murph for putting in the long hours in the YMCA showers as your research towards the above conclusion.

    Dropped the soap again?

  23. perplexed Says:

    Understandably we empathise with the rage of the page but you are a fag!!!!!
    It cannot be controlled the limatations that subdue one’s consciousness. We understand your plight but condem you for your stupidiness; you drunken lout.

  24. People often criticise me for living in the 1970s.

    Perhaps I do dwell on the past, but that is where I was and where I come from, the 1970s.

    I learnt my politics (and dealing with coppers, courts etc) in that time and in this place, Queensland.

    Having said that, I would like to describe one aspect of what happened in the JOH era in Queensland that may help you understand where you are now and how you got there…the story is at @

  25. What the…

    Abu & perplexed — you are twats.

  26. AD Says:

    Where is fridays girl????????????

  27. bluewren Says:

    Well Yobbo. It could have been worse.LOL. I said the Magistrate would see right through you and he did it! He did it ! .By jove he really did it. Poor Yobbo here’s hoping you won’t have to have even more expensive lessone before you learn to be ….socially nice, to one and all even bouncers.:-).

  28. Graham Bell Says:


    There’s too much of this nonsense going on. There’s what happened to you. There’s the bloke snatched and bashed by three members of the Thug Squad – or “private police contractors?” – in Melbourne on Sunday in a mistaken-identity stuff-up. There’s the woman and her child, doing no harm and owning no dog, who were kicked off the place they were renting in a small Queensland town ….. by the Dog Catcher .

    Too much.

    Without wasting more of your time and money and without causing you more grief, can you please write a brief (2 paragraph) letter to every WA parliamentarian you can, to a few Senator, to the head of every Police professional association (not the union or the Commissioner), to every professional association of judges and of magistrates in Australia. Just tell them what happened to you, what it cost you, that you did nothing other than assert your clear rights ….. and that this must not happen to anyone else. Don’t expect to get your money back though. Good luck.

  29. Graham Bell Says:

    Not quite.

    Most magistrates take their duties seriously and do the best they can ….. a few are tired, lazy, prejudiced and have the attitude that if you are charged then the Police must be right. It’s a raffle; it shouldn’t be but it is.

    Security personnel can range from thoroughly professional, very firm, polite and patient; they like to see everyone have a good time, see that no trouble or damage is done and see that the clients’ cash-register gets full (some are ex-police, ex-military, ex-footballers – and all have self-discipline)……. right through to the other end of the spectrum with its crazies, loonies, sociopaths, dimwits, druggies, bludgers, cowards and bash-artists.

    “Good staff are so hard to find.”

    Just wondering – are more deaths and serious injuries in Australia each year caused by sharks and crocodiles …… or by bouncers and “security'(wtf!!!) staff? Anyone got hard statistics? Especially interesting would be the number of such incidents that did NOT lead to an appearance in court,

  30. bluewren Says:

    It just seems to be much ado about nothing. I mean if the fines were light then Yobbo’s like Yobbo would simply repeat their performances and be in and out of courts wasting time with little regard for the consequences. Bouncers? Well I don’t know too much about them I must admit,But I don’t think it is an easy job to try to remain thoroughly professional and keep the peace in a place full of high testosterone males swilling beer et al. all night. What two or three bouncers controlling how many?They would have to be pretty gusty blokes I’d say or really desperate for work.
    In anycase Yobbo had not a single blow enacted upon his person he was just told to leave and was evicted. He refused to move on when the police told him to. Now that was such a mistake; and you are going to encourage people to refuse to obey Police? Please! As far as I can see we have pretty good police and I am glad they are there actually.People who get eaten by crocs or sharks take their chances when they choose to be in the vicinity of both. People who frequent bars with dubious reputations and annoy bouncers do the same.
    There was nothing wrong with the magistrates behaviour he just didn’t want to waste the courts time and it was his call as I said he could see the sort of fellow Yobbo was like yobbo said himself ,he had had expereince with bouncers before leading him to the door .? Surely that in itself must tell even you something.

  31. yobbo Says:

    So basically what you are saying is that it’s all my fault because I went to a bar, and because I’ve been to a bar on more than one occasion that makes me a troublemaker.

    And no, there aren’t “2 or 3” bouncers. There are at least 10, and there were at least 6 police as well.

    You’ve obviously never been to a bar if you think you have to cause trouble to be kicked out.

  32. bluewren Says:

    Well about that you are quite right it has never had much appeal for me the pub scene . However ten bouncers plus police as I understand it the police arrived late on the scene( and didn’t most of them just laugh and walk away.) So ten bouncers and how many drinkers?The ratio is still not high.
    It does seem you do not have to cause trouble just look as if you are a trouble maker and obviously you did. I simply suggested that if your mere appearance is so threatening to bouncers that you modify it by cultivating a more sanquine sociable manner as in being pleasantly smiling and socialable and upright to all and sundry. In other words try to make a good impression when out socially Yobbo and your life’s experience might change for the better.In anycase it might work and would definitely be cheaper. Live and learn.

  33. yobbo Says:

    You’re a fucking idiot dude. I did absolutely nothing to cultivate any impression. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  34. bluewren Says:

    I rest my case!

  35. yobbo Says:

    You don’t have a case to rest. Your entire case is “Well you must have been doing something wrong, because I refuse to believe they’d eject you for nothing”.

    Your own ignorance is not an argument.

  36. James Dudek Says:

    bluewren = Lionel Hutz

  37. Steve Says:

    You are an idot blue wren. Not only do you have no info on Yobbo, you don’t even go to pubs and have any idea what bouncers are like. 90% of bouncers are roid raging thugs who only took the job so they could thump people without much fear of prosecution.
    Violent, low IQ people who think they are above the law are a nasty combination.

    I have seen bouncers pull people out of pubs who were not causing problems but were admittedly drunk to the point on nearly collapsing, and while they drag their virtually limp body out onto the footpath repeatedly smack them in the head for no reason. Hell they strangled someone to death at the sydney casino.

    • PANDA Says:

      The flip side is that due to Liqour licensing.. the bouncer are legally obigalted to remove intoxicated patron regardless of wheather they are causing problems or not.

      That is the law in Perth..

  38. bluewren Says:

    I read the report on your link. Yes it was a tradgedy but didn’t give much real insight or detail as to the circumstances which led up to it .In fact it was very emotive and onesided I have deep sympathy for a family who lost a son in this way. Maybe they will now employ trained psychologists at the Casino instead of bouncers to handle large groups of young men out to have a good time who get into a brawl with the bouncers. But I don’t think they would be interested you?
    My remarks to yobbo were based on the information he posted if he didn’t want other people’s opinions why post? In anycase he cannot accept it without becoming abusive. same with his supporters viz yourself.
    All power to the upholders of law and order in our fair country I say Our Police , Magistrates and our law abiding citizens who contribute to a great country. Anyone else can bugger off.!

  39. bluewren Says:

    PS>You don’t have a case to rest. Your entire case is “Well you must have been doing something wrong, because I refuse to believe they’d eject you for nothing”.

    Your own ignorance is not an argument.(quote)

    You know something Yobbo , your inability to be objective is stupidity at it’s worst
    you inability to see anything but the agenda of your own feelings about the situation shows just how anal and immature you really are! Well we only have to have a look at that website of yours to see where your head is and to know that you are definitely not /Australian . So toss that Picture of the handome anglosaxon male you use to post.
    It is not you it never was and it never will be. You simply stuffed up you challenged our laws and you bombed out get over it and learn your lesson …or get out.!

  40. yobbo Says:

    Yes it was a tradgedy but didn’t give much real insight or detail as to the circumstances which led up to it .

    The bouncer choked a patron to death with a tie. What possible leadup circumstances could justify that?

    Bluewren you are just being ridiculous now.

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